Looking for inspiration? Follow these 5 photographers right now on Instagram.

Instagram isn’t just an app for posting selfies and drinks from that cute new brunch spot.

You can network as a photographer and follow other photographers to follow their work.

Last year, I wrote a post covering five photographers to follow on Instagram.

I’m revisiting this topic with a new list of lesser-known, incredibly talented artists.

Here are a few photographers worth following on Instagram in 2019.

Simone Bramante (@brahmino)

Simone Bramante’s work is unique. He produces a series of images that tell a story, while promoting a product as a commercial photographer. His assignments take him all over the world, from Morocco to Hong Kong.

Humans of New York (@humansofny)

Brandon Stanton’s photography project was launched in 2010. It’s rapidly grown in popularity.

Stanton photographs New Yorkers and includes a detailed caption that tells a little about the subject’s story.

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“We’d been friends for three years. We’d mostly see each other at the Catholic Center on campus: picnics, group outings, stuff like that. But then we started hanging out alone. And one day during finals week we spent an entire day together. We talked for six hours straight, and that night we ended up eating burgers at Five Guys. Remember it was finals week, so I was stressed out and sleep deprived and not thinking clearly. I started telling him that he’s so great, and that I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone, and suddenly I realize that I’m practically telling him that I like him. And he’s got this blank expression on his face. Total poker face. So I panicked, and said something silly.” —— “She told me, word-for-word: ‘But don’t worry. I could never date you.’ My heart sank. I’d been planning on asking her out after finals. I had a whole plan. Suddenly it felt like I’d misread the last three years, and especially the last few months. I tried to keep a straight face. No crying. And after we paid for the check, I dropped her off at the dorm and walked the entire two miles home. I kept telling myself: ‘You can recover. She’s still a dear friend. Life has its ups and downs.’ Two weeks later I helped her move into a new apartment. And we kept hanging out as friends for the next few months. But then on Valentine’s Day, she sent me a neuroscience card. It’s a bit of a tradition because we’re both neuroscience majors. The card said: ‘Are you a neuron? Because you have action potential.’ Then she followed up with a text that said: ‘If a man really wants to impress me, he’d bring me pancakes and yellow roses.’ Suddenly things were looking up again.”

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Angeliki Jackson (@astrodub)

Angeliki Jackson is a New York-based graphic designer who also boasts a strong street photography portfolio. She has an excellent eye for color and composition.

Brooke DiDonato (@brookedidonato)

Brooke DiDonato has the rare talent of turning something mundane and ordinary into a surreal piece of art.

Her creative ideas — combined with perfect compositions and flawless editing — makes for beautiful images that you can’t help but enjoy for extended periods of time.

Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen)

If you like animals and nature photography, Paul Nicklen is a great follow. As a contributing photographer to National Geographic and a marine biologist, Nicklen’s work focuses on aquatic life.

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Anthony Vence is a Customer Content Specialist at PR Newswire. He contributes to @PRNmedia and previously worked in the newspaper industry as a news and sports editor. He also works as a freelance photographer.

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