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We’re closing the year out and already many are thinking about what needs to happen for a successful 2016.

This got me thinking about women in business, and bloggers who may have some good advice heading into the new year.

Alexandra Levit’s Water Cooler Wisdom provides “up-to-the-minute career advice from one who has survived the trenches.”

Levit is a former nationally syndicated columnist for the Wall Street Journal and author of several books. Her goal is simple: To “help people find meaningful jobs – quickly and simply – and to succeed beyond measure once they get there.”

I like several posts on Water Cooler Wisdom. They include Building Business Within a Community, Managing Workplace Conflict in a Small Business, and Are You a Smart Creative?

Follow @alevit on Twitter.

Birds on the Blog! is a place where “successful women are a cause for celebration.”

This is a great site, and it drew me in with both the art and the writing.

Posts I enjoyed include Five Tips for a Frazzle Free Christmas, How to Write Content Consistently, and Stop! Don’t Set Your Goals Yet.

In the latter post, blogger Lottie Moore sums it up well: “Before you move on to setting your goals it’s really important to acknowledge all that’s gone before you to bring you to this point – to claim closure for the things that haven’t gone well, to celebrate your successes, to recognise what you need to take from this year into the next, and maybe most importantly, recognise what you need to leave behind.”

Follow @BirdsOnTheBlog on Twitter.

Quistic co-founder Penelope Trunk has a blog.

Trunk’s career advice has run in 200 newspapers, according to her blog.

Quistic is Trunk’s fourth startup, and the company provides online courses to help folks manage their career.

So naturally, this blog stood out to me.

I liked several posts here. They include Ten Bad Reasons to Get a Job, There Are Only Three Types of Interview Questions. Here Are Your Answers., and 30 Women Who Have Revolutionized the Tech Sector.

Follow @penelopetrunk on Twitter.

The Positive Mom is a blog by Latina author and storyteller Elayna Fernandez.

The blog provides “motivation to create joy, balance, and success in motherhood and mompreneurship.”

Fernandez writes interesting posts to stay on top of health, family life, and your lifestyle.

Notable posts that caught my eye include 21 Surprising Reasons to Fast Once a Month, Is Your Brand Name Sending Out the Right Message? and How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog.

Follow @thePositiveMOM_ on Twitter.

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