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We recently took a look at Back to School Blogs.

This week, I’m covering higher education because many of my young friends are making their way back to their colleges and universities.

HuffPost College is a great education site.

And true to form with The Huffington Post, in general, the stories on HuffPost College are informative and have a lot of depth.

The site covers college rankings, majoring in debt, millennials, Greek life, generation stress, hazing, and student activism, among other topics.

I enjoyed several posts here. They include Graduate Students at Private Universities Can Now Unionize, 15 of the Most LGBT-Friendly Universities and Colleges, Via Campus Pride, Stanford’s New Hard Liquor Ban Actually Isn’t Unusual, and I Don’t Use My Parents as a Piggy Bank, And Neither Should You.

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Voice of America’s Student Union is a place “where international and American students meet to navigate the university experience.”

“What’s it like to study in the U.S.? How do you get accepted to a university and earn a scholarship? How difficult is it to get a visa? Will you succeed academically and personally once you arrive?” the blog asks. “On this website, international and American students will tell their stories and give their best advice about everything from college applications to making friends to passing final exams.”

This is a cool site. Posts I found interesting include Nigeria Sends Most African Students to US, Your Chances of Getting Into Harvard, and Can International Students Attend American Medical School?

Follow @voastudentu on Twitter.

Higher Ed Growth is the result of a merger of several companies with complementary products for higher education. It has a blog.

I liked this blog for a lot of reasons. It has some interesting news coverage.

Notable posts include New Tool Plays Admissions Matchmaker, Infographic: College & University Enrollment Trends Q1 2016, and Three Ways Higher Education is Changing.

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Professor Josh is the blog of an educator and instructional designer who currently works at Valencia College.

I mostly like this blog because of the human element of it. Josh Murdock has a good voice.

Some posts that are written by Professor Josh that I enjoyed include 10 Ways to Tell You Are Addicted to Pokemon Go, Prisma Takes Photo Filtering to a New Level, and 8 Technology Trends Changing Education.

Follow @professorjosh on Twitter.

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