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handbag and purse blogs

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I have a new love.

It’s a gorgeous, new Kate Spade New York handbag. It’s got classic, sleek lines. It’s made of leather and smells like a new car.

It makes me happy, and to celebrate my recent purchase, I looked into the world of purse blogs.

Bag Bliss wants to be your resource for everything bag related.

It features news about specific boutiques (Examples: Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Shopbop, and Coach); bags (clutches, crossbody, handbags, totes, and trends); and designers.

This is a great site to purse-watch. I enjoyed several posts including Fall Fashion Handbag Trends: Micro Mini Mania, Sophia Webster Flossy 3D Butterfly Leather Clutch, and Fall Victorian Fashion – Marc Jacobs Ballerina Embroidered Bag.

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PurseBlog has a great tagline at the bottom of its site: “Shallow obsessing strongly encouraged – since 2005.”

That’s fantastic.

The site features a forum, shop, guides, and deals.

According to the site, PurseBlog and PurseForum are the largest and most popular sources of news and information on designer handbags and accessories. It was started in 2005 by Meaghan Mahoney Dusil and Vlad Dusil as a way to explore Megs’ love for handbags.

I liked several posts here, including many that were trending: Introducing the Celine Tri-Fold Bag, Celebs Love Chanel and Chloe Bags, but a New Alexander Wang Style is Gaining Traction, and The 20 Best Fall 2016 Bags Under $600.

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Portero specializes in “authentic pre-owned luxury.”

This is a site the really does its homework. It features authentication guides, brand news, consignment information, and infographics.

One such infographic immediate caught my eye: A Brief History of Gucci.

Other interesting posts include a quiz entitled What Type of Handbag Should You Carry?, Top 10 Fall 2016 Handbag Trends, and New York Fashion Week September 2016 – The Best Handbags We’ve Seen So Far.

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PurseBop is the blog of a fashion entrepreneur with a flair for photography.

She also happens to love purses.

“I’ve loved fashion and handbags for as long as I can remember,” the blogger says. “When I was a little girl I used to drag my father to the fabric store to find patterns so I could stitch small handbags to match my dresses. After multiple successful business ventures in design and manufacturing, I launched Pursebop, a fun, whimsical home for passionate handbag aficionados.”

There are lots of interesting posts to see here. I happened to like Hermes 101: Hermes Evelyne Bag, Bag and Shoe Instagram Inspiration, and Handbag Shopping: Does More Browsing Increase Satisfaction?

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