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There’s something about a new year that makes me think of home improvement and renovations.

I know I’m not alone.

Many believe now’s the time to change up, change out, and finally do it yourself. So let’s look at some great examples of sites that help you pull this off.

1. The Ugly Duckling House

The Ugly Duckling House is managed by Sarah Fogle, who admittedly loves tearing apart her house and putting it back together again.

I’d love to do that. I’ve got a wishlist of things I want to try in my condo, and whether they’ll ever get accomplished remains to be seen.

Fogle has been living in and remodeling her home – “purchased from a little old lady just before New Years Day 2010 in Atlanta.”

This is a cool site. It features a house tour, project gallery, and cleaning and recipes.

I really enjoyed Starting Off 2017 Right (which shares great DIY décor ideas with throwing a New Year’s bash – I’m tucking away this information for next year!), My First Visit to a Lumber Yard, and Hot Water Heater Tips That Can Save You Money.

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Ugly Duckling House

Credit: Ugly Duckling House on Facebook

2. Homey Improvements

Homey Improvements is the blog of husband and wife DIYers, James and Alicia.

It covers the garden and homestead, easy projects, homey advice, tips and tricks, home décor, and construction.

There’s a lot of good stuff here.

Notable posts include How to Winterize Your Home (Infographic), 5 Innovative Ways to Automate Your Home, Recipe for Canning Stewed Tomatoes, and How to Clean and Organize Your Bedroom Closet.

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Homey Improvements Blog


3. Curbly

Curbly is a blog about DIY design and décor.

“Everyone should have a happy, beautiful home,” the blog says. “With the right tools and knowhow, every person can create a place that fits their personality.”

I like the way this blog is structured.

Top stories are posted across the top and it’s really easy to see what this site is about.

I enjoyed several posts, including Five New Year’s Commitments That Will Make Your Home a Happy Place, The Only Three Home Organization Books You Need to Get Through 2017, and 30 Incredibly Organized Creative Workspaces.

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Curbly Home Improvement Blog

Credit: Curbly on Facebook

4. Bob Vila

This one’s a no-brainer: Everyone knows handyman Bob Vila. His site has a ton of articles.

This is a pretty large space with a how-to center, a spot to get ideas and find information, and a place to discuss home-related things.

The posts that immediately caught my eye include The 20 Best (and Most Unusual) B&Bs in America (a lighthouse, tree resort and historic inns — oh my!), Here’s What Your Favorite Houseplants Look Like in the Wild, and The 6 Kitchen Design Trends Set to Dominate 2017.

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Credit: Bob Vila on Facebook

5. Burritos and Bubbly

Kerry and Andy are the DIYers behind Burritos and Bubbly, a home renovation and lifestyle blog about their little pocket of Cleveland.

Their first home was a three-story, five-bedroom historic home that dated back to 1890.

“Pretty quickly we realized there were so many things that we wanted to fix and so many ways we wanted to make this home “ours,” while also maintaining and respecting its history,” the blog says. “Now we’ve worked on (or had work done on) almost every room in the house and have a never-ending to-do list of projects left to start.”

They’ve since moved on from that house and started a family. I love this blog.

Posts I enjoyed include Family Room Progress Report, How We Design a Room, and Family Room Design Plan: Cozy & Modern.

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Burritos and Bubbly Home renovation blog


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