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Art Museum Blogs

In college, I used to visit museums in the weeks preceding finals to try and gather my thoughts before I was overloaded with work and stress. I also happened to have a concentration in art history, so it was helpful for any projects or expansive articles that I had to write.

Nowadays, I don’t always have the time to visit museums. Luckily, the internet allows us to live vicariously through blog posts, visuals, and anecdotes.

1. The Cadogan Gallery

The Cadogan Gallery is a small, independent contemporary art gallery located in the West End of London. Because of the gallery size and location, each gallery room features a unique interior, designed in collaboration with architects and decorators. The gallery deals in art; it also ships paintings to various places around the globe, so, you know, if you’d like to turn your house into an art gallery, now’s your chance!

One of the things I particularly like about their website is the #paintingofthemonth. Not only does it feature a unique and beautiful piece, but it allows you to take a look at the artist’s other pieces.

Some blog posts I particularly liked were: “Adam Share | Thames Paintings,” “Paintings & Property | Janise Yntema @ Echlin Design

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Cadogan Contemporary

Credit: @cadogan_contemporary on Instagram

2. The Tate Gallery

When I lived in London, the Tate Modern was my jam. My overall obsession with Britpop, led me to become a big fan of animals preserved in formaldehyde, so it just generally seemed like a very “me” place at the time.

This site is a bit harder to navigate than most blogs; it’s a lot harder to navigate to older blog posts, which is pretty unfortunate because there’s detailed posts about everything. The commentary and research that’s put into each article makes it seem like you’re actually on a museum tour.

These posts piqued my interest: “Jimmy Paulette and Tabboo! undressing, NYC,” “Think You Know Pop Art?

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3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Teen Blog

The Met runs several blogs, but this semi-monthly blog has become a personal favorite for a number of reasons: You can see teenagers breaking down the role that art plays in culture and it reminds me of when I first developed an interest in art history.

It also generally lacks the air of pretension that comes with some museum blogs. These kids are excited to share what they’ve learned, and that, in itself, is exciting.

Here are some of the posts I enjoyed: “How You(th) Can Change the World,” “What’s up with the No Touching Rule?

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4. National Portrait Gallery – Face to Face

Face-to-Face doesn’t just cover fine art history. The blog features everything from writer’s like Sylvia Plath to musicians like Ella Fitzgerald. One of my favorite recent posts on the blog is an interview with one of their historians who had announced his retirement.

The National Portrait Gallery blog strives to take its readers through all sorts of different backgrounds. There is one strong theme throughout, though; the stories it features originate from America.

Some posts I loved were: “Sylvia Plath on War,” “The Women’s March: 100 Years Later

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National Portrait Gallery

Credit: @smithsoniannpg on Instagram

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