Blog Profiles: Women’s Leadership Blogs

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Women's Leadership Blogs

March 8 was International Women’s Day. We shared our favorite female anthems that keep us inspired well beyond this designated 24 hours.

Our company’s Empower leadership program is a point of inspiration for me, too. I love working with our local chapter.

A couple of key women initiated this grassroots program a few years ago, and I’ve been with it since the start.

It’s not just for ladies, as some might suspect. It’s much more than that. But, women’s leadership is a topic that’s central to our mission.

Here are a few blogs I’m watching to keep enlightened on that front.

1. Her Agenda

Her Agenda is working to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement, specifically for millennial women. Its motto is: No One Ever Slows Her Agenda.

“The goal is to empower women to never allow anything to stop them from reaching their goals while providing them with the resources to overcome their challenges,” it says, on the site.

Resources include the latest in events, scholarships, conferences, internships, and job opportunities.

There’s an abundance of actionable posts here. How To Enhance Your Executive Presence offers up detailed strategies around a “make or break” factor that determines potential for advancement.

The Power Of Perception, And How It Translates To Business talks about the small efforts that impact one’s work reputation.

Follow @HerAgenda on Twitter.

Her Agenda

Credit: @heragenda on Instagram

2. Women You Should Know

Women You Should Know is a blog for and about dynamic women. It was founded in Sept. 2011 by entrepreneurs Jennifer Jones and Cynthia Hornig.

“Our mission is to tell the untold stories of relatable, everyday women across the country and globe who are making things happen in their world; women who have outperformed, innovated, discovered, defied and soared. By sharing their stories and giving them a voice, we have an incredible opportunity to inspire others,” it says, on the site.

This blog is an absolute must-read.

Surviving A Heart Defect To Become An American Ninja Warrior is a story that’s sure to inspire. In the category of news you should know: New PSA Raising Awareness Of The Massive Backlog Of Untested Rape Kits.

Follow @womenysk on Twitter.

Women You Should Know

Credit: @women_you_should_know on Instagram

3. Girlboss 

Girlboss is a site for women who seek to redefine success on their own terms. Founded by serial entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, the concept was born from her book, dubbed the “Lean In for misfits.”

“Girlboss is a community of strong, curious, and ambitious women,” it says, on the site. “We are unapologetic in our beliefs and values of supporting girls and women who are chasing dreams both big and small in a shame-free, lame-free zone.”

I couldn’t not include Girlboss. The book and the site have been a serial resource for me in my career, and in developing our leadership program.

Why Is It So Hard For Black Women To Find Mentors? shares tips for finding the right mentorship match, from advocates who know.

4 Ways Women Criticize Each Other (And Why We Need To Knock It Off) and This Is The Imaginary Female-Run Government The World Needs Right Now are also great reads.

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Credit: @Girlboss on Instagram

4. She Owns It

She Owns It aims to support and inspire women entrepreneurs to write their own success stories. Its founder is Melissa Stewart.

According to the site, it’s a “gathering place to find the ‘spark’ that helps turn your dream into a reality.”

A Champions Mentality: 7 Helpful Tips for Success By @Kiararosewade1 asks readers to challenge the constant battle we all are fighting with ourselves. Why You Need to Embrace and Nurture a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion in Your Business. By @Myowntotell talks about “diversity for show,” and shares tips for preventing the undeniable damage diversity issues can cause.

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She Owns It

Credit: @melissaonline on Instagram

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Anna Jasinski is senior manager of audience relations at PR Newswire and former magazine journalist. Follow her on Twitter at 
@annamjasinski and @BeyondBylines.

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