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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. We’re recognizing frontline workers this week and spotlighting a few standout nurse blogs. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Nurse Bloggers We Love -

It’s a difficult time in the world.

COVID-19 has changed many things and while we will find ways to get back to normal, we are relying on frontline workers, nurses especially, to care for those who need it most right now.

Personally, I have family and friends who are nurses, so their well-being is very much in my thoughts these days. I have to say a huge THANK YOU to the healthcare community right now. I can’t imagine the stress you are experiencing in the current climate.

Read on for blogs about nurses.

1. FreshRN

Author of Becoming Nursey and more, mentor Kati is passionate about helping new nurses navigate their careers.

She has created courses to help with the journey as well:

I recommend: Tips for Loved Ones of Healthcare Providers on the Front-lines During COVID-19; Why Proper N95 Removal is Crucial in Preventing Self-Inoculation; and Thoughts for Nurses on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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2. Healthy Workforce Institute

The Healthy Workforce Institute has a huge issue it has set out to help solve — disruptive behaviors in healthcare.

Since I’m not a healthcare worker, I had no idea a culture of bullying existed in this sector. I found this post to be a helpful way to begin to understand the types of mistreatment that healthcare workers are experiencing: What Leaders and Employees Can Do To Eradicate Bullying in Healthcare.

Regarding the current pandemic (can you imagine feeling bullied and mistreated at work, and also having to deal with COVID up close and personal?), these posts provide useful, positive tips: 27 Quotes to Give Nurse Heroes Strength to Keep Fighting the Corona Virus and How Healthcare Employees Can Remain Positive If Furloughed.

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3. Nurse Keith Coaching

Board-Certified Nurse Coach and host of the podcasts The Nurse Keith Show and Mastering Nursing, Keith also runs this award-winning blog, Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway.

It’s the right time to focus on honoring and recognizing the important work that nurses do and Keith’s post hits the nail on the head: The Profound Meaning of Nurses’ Week During a Pandemic: Nurses Show Up.

I also enjoyed Be Yourself, Nurses; Everyone Else is Taken and COVID-19, Nurses, and Staying Informed in Trying Times.

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Credit: @nursekeithcoaching on Instagram

4. provides content, links to educational opportunities, job postings, and more.

Nursing is such an important career, and the spotlight is very much on nurses during the pandemic.

If you are a nurse, or are interested in becoming one, this site provides useful tips and information.

Check out: This Is How 10 Travel Nurses React When Asked, “Why Go To The Epicenter of COVID-19?”; 7 Fastest Ways To Start Your Healthcare Career Now; and Nursing Hierarchy Explained: A Guide to Nursing Ranks & Level.

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