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Guy Blogs

June is men’s health month and the time of year we celebrate Father’s Day.

In that vein, I decided it was time to look at some good guy-facing blogs.

The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness says it’s “reviving the lost art of manliness.”

The blog is written and managed by a husband and wife team, Brett and Kate McKay. The couple launched the site Jan. 2008.

“My idea for the Art of Manliness came about as I was standing in Borders bookstore looking at the men’s magazines,” Brett McKay writes. “It seemed to me that the content in these magazines were continually going downhill.”

The Art of Manliness covers dress & grooming, health & sports, manly skills, money & career, and relationships & family.

A couple of posts I enjoyed include 18 Things Every Man Should Do This Summer and Manvotional: Want to Change the World? Start by Making Your Bed, which features the commencement address Naval Admiral William H. McRaven, commander of U.S. Special Operations, to graduates of the University of Texas. (Talk about an awe-inspiring address. McRaven was amazing.)

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Primer is a “guy’s post-college guide to growing up.” The site features posts on affordable style, how-tos, and self-development for the everyday, 20-something man.

In the site’s About section, Primer Magazine editor Andrew Snavely writes, “It would be nice if we all had successful older brothers who were happily married, the life of every party, and made VP by 35. They could offer incalculable career advice, financial and investing tips, and key points to keeping your knockout girlfriend. While we all can’t be that lucky, Primer may be the next best thing.”

I really enjoyed How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself – The Hardest Question in Every Interview. In it, blogger Gordon Brown gives some tips on tackling this dreaded question with a few pointers, including keeping it short and professional.

I also liked this post on Blueprint for Success: Pele, which is about one of the most well-known sports figures in history.

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You know you’ve got a good guy blog when it receives the husband’s stamp of approval. Uncrate is a site that mine can’t seem to live without.

Uncrate covers gear, style, cars, tech, vices, media, body, home, and food.

Some of the things you can find on Uncrate include the Razer Junglecat Controller and, if you have a fair amount of cash lying around, the Claydon Reeves Aeroboat, which is inspired by the Spitfire WWII fighter plane and only 10 were made.

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Gear Patrol

Finally, let’s look at Gear Patrol. The site is for guys with a “spirit of adventure” and a “passion for fear.”

“Gear Patrol is a gathering place for guys hell bent on making the most of their time on planet Earth in the 21st century,” the site says.

I really like Gear Patrol. Some of its posts include 10 Forgotten National Parks (which features one of my personal favorites: Shenandoah National Park) and a cool Father’s Day Gift Guide.

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The Best Life (now just Men’s Health)

The Best Life is a blog of publishing icon Men’s Health magazine.

I like this site because it’s all-encompassing in terms of lifestyle coverage.

A few posts I immediately took to include 6 Cookout Staples That Can Make Your Dog Very Sick (Grapes or raisins? Who knew?), How Hugh Jackman Stays Wolverine Fit, and the 20 Manliest Hotels in America.

“So what does a man want from his home away from home?” Chris Clayton writes in the hotels post. “He wants to be surprised. He wants quality over quantity. Sometimes he wants to be pampered, and other times he wants to be left the hell alone.”

And while we’re on the subject of hospitality, here are The Best Life’s 20 Best Outdoor Bars in America.

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