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Coffee Blogs We Love

Coffee Blogs We Love

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Dear everyone, I’m kind of a coffee snob.

This didn’t happen overnight, and I’ve got lots of supporting material to make my case. I even keep a detailed coffee journal with my own star-rating system.

Throughout the DC area, I’ve got my local favorites. If you’re in Georgetown, hit up Baked & Wired (but be prepared to stand in line for either the bakery or the coffee shop). Also in the District, I’ve become fond of Big Bear Café and Tryst. If you’re visiting Alexandria, Va., my favorite spot is Killer E.S.P. in Old Town (order the pancake batter pie with chocolate, bacon, and blueberries. Trust me.) You also might find me in Buzz Bakery or M.E. Swing Coffee Roasters in Del Ray.

Each of these shops offer really wonderful coffee – beans that I’ve begun to collect and store in my secret stash. And, during a recent trip to Oahu, I met some very smooth coffee and returned with the Ali’i Blend from Kalapawai Market in Kailua.

So let’s go over some awesome coffee blogs I’ve uncovered along the way.

FRSHGRND is on a mission to make easier the search for good coffee.

It’s written and managed by cultural analyst and ethnographer Aaron Frey, who already has trekked through parts of Asia, Europe, and the US for great coffee. You even can check out his list of best cafes in the world.

“I started in Korea, moved to Sweden, and now I’m in New York, hunting for the best, and sharing the journey with you here,” Frey says on FRSHGRND.

He’s also taken the conversation to Facebook, where Frey encourages “crowdsourced caffeination for lovers of good experiences and good coffee.” You freely can post coffee recommendations or questions there.

Some of the FRSHGRND posts that caught my eye include Italian astronaut to bring espresso machine into orbit and I really enjoyed this piece, which links to an article by Smithsonian Magazine on Instant Coffee Past and Present.

Follow @FRSHGRND on Twitter.

I Love Coffee is a Cape Town-based “platform dedicated to coffee culture.”

This blog really inspires me to explore the incredible coffee to be had in South Africa.

“It is a source of caffeinated inspiration fuelled by the desire to find the best coffee experiences out there while meeting and introducing you to the people who make it all possible as well as the steamy aficionados on the other side of the cup,” the blog says.

The site is full of awesome art and photography. And music: Take a listen to The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony, which makes it into a recent post: The Coffee Sweet Symphony.

I also really like I Love Coffee’s rating system. It recently awarded an 8.7 to Café Frank in Cape Town, which is reported to be “always consistently good.” And Red Sofa, a little gem in Vredehoek, earned an 8 (It’s also got a signature roast chicken.).

Follow @ilovecoffeeblog on Twitter.

Sprudge presents coffee news and culture from its home base in Portland, Ore.

Co-founded by Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman, it now features an impressive list of coffee writers and contributors.

So what’s a “sprudge?”

“Sprudge is a made-up word for the coffee crumbs, blotches and splats present on a barista’s clothing and shoes after a long shift on bar,” the blog says. “We’ll use it in a sentence: “Listen, you finish dividing up the tips, I gotta go get this sprudge off my shoes. ‘Sprudge’ is also a portmanteau of the words ‘espresso’ and ‘Drudge.’”

A couple of posts caught my eye on Sprudge, including In Washington, DC, The Wydown Goes From Pop-Up to Permanent and Melt Down: The Many Frozen Coffee Treats of Bubby’s NYC.

Then there’s this fun post: 11 Reasons to Date A Coffee Roaster. Excellent. Who wouldn’t want to date a person who smelled like coffee and always brought home free coffee?

Follow @sprudge on Twitter.

Birds of Unusual Vitality makes me appreciate the work that goes into every cup I brew.

This is a fascinating site. It’s run by writer and photographer Eileen P. Kenny.

“Specialty coffee is an industry filled with fascinating people from every corner of the world and every background you can imagine,” Kenny writes on the blog. “The aim of Birds of Unusual Vitality is to shine a light on these baristas, roasters, farmers, pickers, workers, and everyone involved in the process of coffee production, from start to finish. I want the passion for great coffee and the pursuit of quality and sustainability to spread beyond those who work in coffee, and I think that getting an insight into the people who have that passion is a great place to start.”

I love a good story, and Birds of Unusual Vitality is filled with them. These stories even have been made into two books – Volume 1 and Volume 2.

I especially enjoyed this fascinating read on Simran Sethi, journalist and environmentalist whose “research into the agricultural biodiversity in our food systems—and the gradual deterioration thereof—led her to look into coffee, and to further investigate the complex coffee production chain and its beginnings.”

Follow @eileenpk on Twitter.

Also last year, we covered a couple of excellent coffee blogs. Read up on Dear Coffee, I Love You and Smdlr.

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Christine Cube is a media relations manager with PR Newswire and freelance writer. She is mildly caffeinated and ready for what this day has to offer. Follow her @cpcube.

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