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Delightful, delicious, and delectable – these are the words I found swirling in my mug of coffee this morning.

For me, coffee is happiness in a cup.  It is fitting that as I am writing this, I am sipping on my morning brew.

I am by no means a coffee snob, but I know bad coffee when I taste it. I never put much thought into my coffee – like how I make it or where it comes from.

The most effort I put forth is the selection of the pre-ground beans from the grocery store shelf, and then tossing it all in my coffee maker and calling it a day.

I had no idea there were so many different methods to brew your coffee at home – I was only familiar with the French press, pour-over, and percolator methods.

The following blogs discuss and dissect everything there is to know about coffee – from the selection of the beans to the myriad brewing processes to choose from and the final labor of love steaming in your mug.

1. Sprudge

What an odd word, right? In this case, Sprudge refers to the online publication for global coffee culture and not the sludge created by leftover espresso grounds.

Since its inception in 2009, Sprudge has grown into a worldwide network of more than 70 coffee-loving writers who cover topics, ranging from café openings to coffee specialty events.

As a craft beer enthusiast, the concept of nitro coffee is fascinating to me, since it comes out of a tap and is stored in a keg like beer. You can even buy it in cans and bottles in certain stores, just like beer. Nitro coffee is cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen, which causes it to have a creamier and slightly sweeter taste than regular cold brew coffee.

In Los Angeles, new coffee shops are exploding onto the café scene, but one in particular, Warbler Coffee Roasting, has created a coffee trike that is its own portable café, serving up nitro brew in the area.

Sprudge also reviews coffee marketing methods and product designs. In its “Nice Package” series, Sprudge highlights coffee brands and roasts with eye-catching designs. The Koppi in Sweden and Dune Coffee in Santa Barbara are a couple of my favorites.

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Sprudge Coffee Blog

Credit: @sprudge on Instagram

2. The Coffee Concierge

Benji is the blogger behind The Coffee Concierge, and he is “not a coffee connoisseur.” Rather, he says he’s just a person who’s passionate about coffee.

Benji uses his blog as a platform to share anything that has to do with making high-quality coffee beverages at home. He’s a firm believer that anyone can make great coffee at home – you need only the right tools and a passion for the brew.

Benji reviews coffee-making gear and coffee beans, and he also has a brew guide and a section where he publishes his “coffee experiments.” His experiments range from Is Cold Brew Coffee a Scam? to Comparing a 1-Hour-Later Grind to a Fresh Grind.

Benji’s enthusiasm for coffee brewing shines through in his writing, and I enjoyed exploring his coffee adventures.

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Coffee Concierge blog


3. The Coffee Compass

Designed with the mission to help you “navigate the world of craft coffee,” The Coffee Compass is a must-have tool in the coffee connoisseur’s utility belt.

Michael Butterworth, Darren Jennings, and Stephen Lee (the founders) all contribute to the site, writing stories that range from how-tos and product reviews to where to find the best coffee shops and the science behind making the perfect cup.

Three Coffee Podcasts You Need In Your Life contains Butterworth’s picks from what he refers to as our current “golden age of coffee media.”

Learn How to Make Good Coffee in a Hotel Room with The Voice’s Dave Moisan caught my attention, because hotel coffee notoriously is awful and I did not know there was a way to actually have good coffee in a hotel room. It is a more involved process than stuffing ingredients into a coffee machine (my preferred method), but it is doable for anyone with the right motivation.

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The Coffee Compass Blog

Credit: Coffee Compass on Facebook

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Megan Boley is a Customer Content Specialist at PR Newswire. She is an avid reader and aspiring photographer. Follow her on @PRNHispanic.

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