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Public Safety Blogs

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It’s National Fire Prevention Week in the US and Canada, so this brings to my mind public safety and the men and women who serve to keep our communities safe.

In this light, I found several public safety blogs that deserve recognition.

Today’s Responder is a blog of the National Fire Protection Association, and it focuses on the needs of “all first responders regardless of uniform or badge.”

Specifically, the blog is produced by NFPA’s Public Fire Protection Division, which is staffed by fire fighters, paramedics, fire marshals, emergency managers, and safety professionals.

This is a really important blog, providing valuable information to its audience.

An example is a recent post about upcoming free webinars on fire safety in tall wood buildings. I also found fascinating this post on the Technical Committee on Hazardous Materials Response Personnel seeking public input on NFPA 1072.

It turns out NFPA 1072 is a new, proposed standard on hazardous materials/weapons of mass destruction emergency response professional qualifications. (I literally feel like I’m back to reporting public safety news from an ages-ago newspaper life. This is cool.) Incidentally, the deadline for public input is Jan. 5, 2015.

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In Public Safety is an American Military University-sponsored blog.

The blog features “analysis and commentary on issues relating to law enforcement, emergency management, fire services and national intelligence.”

I appreciated the blog post about Joseph McNamara: A Law Enforcement Leader Ahead of His Time. It was good to get to know this police chief who “dedicated his career and scholarly pursuits to revolutionizing policing strategies.”

I also found interesting Ways to Reinvigorate Your Passion for Policing and Five Successful Strategies to Partner with your Community. The latter post offers some excellent tips, including sharing information beyond meetings and following up after an emergency.

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Cleveland Public Safety is a site with a couple of city department blogs, namely city hall and police.

The Department of Public Safety covers a lot – police, fire and emergency management services, animal control, corrections, and the office of emergency management, to name a few.

I like this site because it keeps its residents informed.

Some of my favorite posts include Get Ready and Be Ready: National Preparedness Month is Here, Update: The Continuing Effort to Reduce False Alarms (last year, for example, Cleveland police responded to 23,890 alarm assignments), and Public Safety Officials Address Violence Prevention and Call on Community Support for a Safe Summer.

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California Public Safety Labor Blog is maintained by full-service California law firm Mastagni Holstedt, A.P.C.

Mastagni Holstedt specializes in “representing public safety professionals and their labor associations.”

The California Public Safety Labor Blog is really interesting. It covers public safety law cases in the state and their ultimate outcomes and rulings.

Some interesting posts include Court of Appeals Denies Unemployment Benefits to Employee Discharged for Dishonesty and Federal Judge Rules California’s 10-Day Waiting Period for Gun Purchases Unconstitutional in Certain Cases.

KCPD Chief’s Blog is the official blog of the Kansas City, Missouri police chief.

It was started in Feb. 2009, under Police Chief James Corwin until his retirement in Sept. 2011. Today, Police Chief Darryl Forte is the author.

There are a number of cool posts on this site. Some of my favorites include Kansas City Regional Crime Lab Earns International Accreditation, Reflecting on Sept. 11 and the Importance of First Responder Relationships, and Come Join Us on Nextdoor.

Forte’s Sept. 11 reflection was particularly moving.

“There is so much to remember and reflect upon today, but one thing that keeps crossing my mind is how vital the relationships between first responders are,” he said. “Police officers and firefighters were the ones rushing into the Twin Towers that day when everyone else was rushing away from them. They worked together to get thousands of people to safety. Sadly, hundreds of first responders lost their lives in their attempts to save the lives of others.”

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