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A new year always reminds me of the people who work to keep us safe.

It’s easy to get caught up in the holidays and forget about those around us. Some folks aren’t celebrating because they’re working long hours away from their families to make sure we’re comfortably and safely with ours.

So at the start of the new year, I’d like to visit some blogs that keep public safety on the forefront.

1. WaPo Crime

I’ll start with The Washington Post, which is slightly outside of the box, in terms of sites we cover in this column, but it’s got a great public safety section.

Some great stories that I uncovered in the Post include ‘Saving the world’ a life at a time: U.S. probation chief reflects on 3-decade career, When the vice president-elect moves into your neighborhood, getting home can be a little tougher, and ‘Everybody had a crush on her’: Before she was killed, DC actress Tricia McCauley radiated light.

On a personal note, I’ve been consumed lately with this case in DC. McCauley was a friend of a friend, and my heart goes out to all those who loved her and were affected by this unbelievable tragedy.

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Credit: WaPo Crime on Twitter

Credit: WaPo Crime on Twitter

2. In Public Safety

In Public Safety is a blog of the American Military University.

I like this site for a lot of reasons, most importantly because it touches on some deep subjects.

A few posts that got me thinking include Training Police in Counterintelligence to Combat Domestic Terrorism, Advancements in the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Military Soldiers, and How Involving Families Can Help Recruit Volunteer Firefighters.

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Credit: AMU & APU Public Safety Programs on Facebook

Credit: AMU & APU Public Safety Programs on Facebook

3. Campus Safety

Campus Safety covers safety, mass notification, emergency management, and security.

This is such an important site.

I enjoyed several posts here. They include When it Comes to Campus Security, it Pays to be a Realistic Optimist, How Campus Public Safety Departments can be Agents of Cultural Change, and Respect Your Fears, But Don’t be Ruled by Them.

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Credit: Campus Safety Magazine on Twitter

Credit: Campus Safety Magazine on Twitter

4. Disaster Zone

Lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to the Disaster Zone blog by Emergency Management.

Emergency Management is an “all-hazards publication of record for emergency management, public safety and homeland security stakeholders charged to protect our communities, critical infrastructure and the security of our nation.”

I liked a bunch of posts on this site. They include Wisconsin Gets New Emergency Operations Center (EOC), If 2016 Was Surreal, 2017 Will Be Unpredictable, and 15 Years of Earthquakes Displayed in 4 Minutes.

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Credit: Emergency Management on Facebook

Credit: Emergency Management on Facebook

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