Our Top 5 Blogging Resolutions for 2015


The great thing about starting a new year is that you get to reevaluate what’s working and what’s not.

In 2014, we launched the Beyond Bylines blog in the community section of PR Newswire for Journalists. We spent the year filling it with information and posts that would help journalists, bloggers, and other content creators hone, develop, and sharpen their craft.

Our writers also highlighted great examples of blogs in our Monday blog profiles series and featured notable members of the media throughout the year.

Today, we’re going to give you our blog resolutions: Straight talk about what we’d like to do more or less of when it comes to blogging or writing, as well as things we’d like to learn or try.

I’ll go first:

Christine Cube, media relations manager
@BeyondBylines, @cpcube
Blog: Beyond Bylines

As a news consumer, my favorite stories to read are about people and companies. So it’s no surprise that my favorite stories to write involve interesting people and companies doing awesome things.

This year, I’d like to get back to some of that by diving into the monthly Career Crossroads series started last year by my media relations colleague, Brett Simon.

Brett has highlighted several interesting journalists and members of the media who either left the industry or moved to a different part of it. Starting next month, I’d like to get back to writing that kind of personal profile. I’ve already got a great candidate in mind to kick this off. Type to you on Career Crossroads in February.

Evelyn Tipacti, community relations specialist
@ProfNetMedia, @editorev
Blog: Media 411

For 2015 I’d like to really get more involved in social media, improve my Twitter skills, and learn new platforms I haven’t used yet. Social media is only getting more popular so the more I know about it, the better for me, my role and my company. I also want to improve my French.

Amanda Hicken, media relations manager
@BeyondBylines, @ADHicken
Blogs: Beyond Bylines, Clue Into Cleveland

My resolution for Beyond Bylines is to feature more voices on the blog.  We currently have a small, but mighty core of contributors sharing their perspectives on blogging and journalism. I’d like to expand that slightly in 2015. We have many colleagues at PR Newswire who have worked at news organizations, freelance, or blog. I think they have a lot of contributions to make and knowledge to share. I’d like to help them do that.

Ryan Hansen, audience researcher
Blog: Beyond Bylines

As the author of Around the Wire, there are a few changes I have envisioned for the new year. First, I would like to bring more of a real-time feel to the column, examining what journalists face on an everyday basis. With so much turmoil in the world at the moment, I think readers will appreciate a focus on what’s happening on the front lines. In my opinion, this is changing the rules and the way we report as we speak.

In addition, I believe this creates a need for me to seek out new sources of information to make this possible. It’s definitely an exciting time for journalism, and I hope to bring that excitement to Around the Wire.

Maria Perez, director of online community relations
@ProfNet, @themariaperez

My resolution this year is not related to my work blog at ProfNet Connect, but is to create a dog-related blog.

I’m a huge dog lover, and I love reading anything and everything that has to do with our four-legged friends. So, my goal is to start a blog filled with news and links to interesting dog-related articles, products and – yes – videos. (Who doesn’t love a good dog video?!?)

My biggest challenge will be following through with it. We all know how easy it is to come up with an idea and start it; the challenge is in keeping up the momentum. But one step at a time. First, I have to come up with a catchy name.

What are your blogging resolutions for 2015?
Let us know in the comments!

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