Blog Profiles: Agriculture Blogs

Agriculture Blogs

Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, PR Newswire media relations manager Christine Cube selects an industry or subject and a handful of sites that do a good job with promoting, contributing, and blogging about the space. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tell Christine why on PR Newswire for Bloggers.

Spring break.

So it’s technically only a couple of weeks away, but it doesn’t feel very springy in DC right now. Still, a bunch of my garden friends are beginning to prepare their seed trays to start their vegetable gardens.

This led to today’s inspiration for blog profiles: Agriculture and farming blogs.

The Progressive Farmer’s Machinery Chatter blog covers what’s new in the world of farm equipment and machinery. It’s overseen by senior editor Jim Patrico.

I like this blog because it includes interesting information about the farming industry, which unfortunately is not a field I know much about. Thankfully, blogs like Machinery Chatter help educate me.

Some posts that I found interesting include It’s Almost Time to Fly, which is about proposed rules establishing flight procedures for the use of commercial unmanned aircraft, and A Quieter Farm Machinery Show, which covers the recent National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

Patrico explains that 2015 was a different show: “In previous years companies like John Deere, Case IH, New Holland and AGCO often rolled out something really big in Louisville. Last year, for example, was the year of the planter. Deere, Kinze and Precision Planting all had game-changer products to reveal including super-fast planters and planters that can carry and precisely place two different hybrids. Lots of big news; plenty of buzz. This year, by comparison, was quiet.”

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AgWired provides news from the world of agribusiness.

The blog is owned and published by ZimmComm New Media, LLC, which was founded by husband and wife team Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman.

According to AgWired, the Zimmermans are “award winning agricultural journalists who have covered agriculture throughout the southeast and the Midwest for major agricultural radio networks.”

Some posts that caught my eye on AgWired include Task Force to Make Case for Investment in Nutrition, Ag Issues Forum Celebrates 10 Years, and BASF Survey Says Farmers Concerned About Risk.

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Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog covers the agrobiodiversity world of crops, livestock, microbes, pollinators, and wild relatives.

“Separated by half a world but united by their passion for agricultural biodiversity and the internet, Luigi Guarino and Jeremy Cherfas decided to create a space that would allow them to indulge their passions and maybe do some good,” the blog says.

The Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog is it.

“Our aim is to collect in one place anything we find on the internet that relates somehow to the notion of agricultural biodiversity (or agrobiodiversity, though we don’t particularly like the word), a big tent but one that the whole of humanity shelters beneath,” the writers say. “If that helps others to find things of interest, so much the better.”

Notable posts include Apples in the Snow, Kew Does Crops, and There’s More to Kiwi Fruit Diversity Than You Think.

Follow @AgroBioDiverse on Twitter. is a “daily summary of news relating to U.S. farm policy.” The blog is written and managed by Keith Good.

This is a really fascinating blog, particularly to me as a Washingtonian. I hear about things happening on Capitol Hill all the time, but I don’t often follow individual bills and where they are with regard to Congressional passage.

Take, for instance, these highlights: House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture-Budget Hearing, NRCS Chief.

Other interesting posts include this California Drought Update and a recent Update on Regulatory Issues.

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Organic Farming Blog is a blog for the organic farming community that features pieces on soil, seeds, and fertilizer.

I like this site a lot. The first post that drew me in was How to Grow a Lemon Tree in a Container. (I used to have a meyer lemon tree in a pot. I made the mistake of planting it in the ground in San Diego, and it didn’t exactly want to return to the East Coast with me a few years ago. So, I left it in its happy place.)

Organic Farming Blog is full of interesting posts. Other posts that got me itching to garden include How to Grow the Top 5 Organic Vegetables, Planting Peas in Your Garden This Spring, and Intensive Gardening Means Producing More With Less Space.

In the latter post, Ramon Manego explains the difference between conventional and intensive gardening.

“The practice of intensive gardening, on the other hand is the complete opposite of conventional gardening as it minimizes wasted gardening space with the purpose of harvesting a higher crop yield possible with the given space,” Manego says. “And aside from producing more in a limited space, planting tight in a grid pattern is an effective way of suppressing weed growth, thus reducing or eliminating the use of herbicides.”

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Christine Cube is a media relations manager with PR Newswire and freelance writer. Follow her @cpcube.

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