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Spring is getting closer by the minute, but if you live in an area that is knee deep in snow then you are probably starting to get a little stir crazy.

I know my kids are driving me a bit batty being cooped up all day in school and then at home.

There’s only so much cold I can take before I call it quits and head inside, and I’m running out of clothes to give to the snowman family. Thank goodness for craft blogs!

You would think someone who worked at a craft store in high school would be able to come up with some wonderful ideas but – not so much. These bloggers are not just pin-worthy, but will give you more crafty wins than Pinterest fails.

Dollar Store Crafts

Heather Mann has been writing Dollar Store Crafts since 2008 and is dedicated to cheap, chic, and easy to do crafts!

But, Dollar Store Crafts is a team effort and it features some of the best craft ideas from around the web submitted by its readers.

My little one’s birthday is coming up, and she will be having another princess party so the tutorial for easy pixie dust necklaces will be perfect favors to give to her guests without costing a small fortune. Speaking of my little one, she is in preschool so this indoor hopscotch idea is perfect for learning numbers and having fun while stuck inside.

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Fleece Fun

Fleece Fun is written by work-at-home mom, Angel, who divides her time between her blog, her small production company Angel Dawn Productions, and her family.

She makes sewing look easy, not that I attempt her sewing projects because I just don’t sew, but Angel has many no sew projects from a cute hobo bag to hair clips that I feel confident doing and sharing with my little one.

What first attracted me to Fleece Fun was not her sewing, but a pin for a sharpie mug hack if you can’t draw. Now, I can draw a little and I like my handwriting, but writing on a mug is hard and her hack is pretty brilliant.

Follow Fleece Fun on Pinterest.

Crafty Morning

Crafty Morning is the blog of Michelle, a crafty 20-something with a real talent for creating and sharing crafts for kids. And these are crafts that mom and dad will enjoy doing with their ankle biters.

I love reading the “about me” sections of bloggers, and Michelle’s surprised me because she started off as an online bargain blogger but found that making and sharing kid’s crafts was becoming more popular so she created Crafty Morning.

In the spirit of spring, I pinned a super cute cupcake liner bird nest to make to decorate our house, and I may make these clever pot of gold inspired pudding cups for St. Patrick’s Day.

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