10 Places to Find Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

10 places to find

Even if it’s only on a part-time basis, taking on a few freelance writing or paid blogging gigs comes with major benefits including:

  • Getting a better job: Nowadays, many companies search online profiles before making a new hire. Those who have a strong online influence are usually more preferred. Freelance writing can help establish this online influence.
  • Growing your network: The more you put yourself out there as a writer, the more visible you are to readers. You will be able to engage in more conversations – whether it’s through email or comments.
  • Improving your skills: Your writing only gets better with each article or blog post. Also, you learn something new every time you write, whether it’s through research, a new writing tactic, or any kind of epiphany. Writing makes great mental practice.
  • Establishing yourself as an expert: As you share more of your expertise, you will develop an expert reputation. Your own website may change from “just another blog” to a valuable resource to your readers.
  • Earning money doing what you love: Nothing compares to earning money and enjoying what you do! Need I say more?

With that said, you have to know where to look for these freelance writer/blogger jobs. Here’s a list of 10 job boards that may help you find what you’re looking for. As with anything else, use these sites at your own discretion and explore the site before deciding whether it’s a good fit for you.

1. ProBlogger Jobs Board


2. Blogging Pro Job Board 


3. Freelance Writing Jobs 


4. WritingCareer.com 


5. JournalismJobs.com 


6. Elance


7. Media Bistro 


8. Simply Hired 


9. Flexjobs.com 


10. Indeed 



Many freelance writing and blogging jobs pay per post and require some sort of consistent schedule. Compensation varies on how involved each post is, as well as your own experience as a writer.

I recommend fixing up your resume and re-evaluating your online presence: Do you have an online portfolio that lists your bylined work? Is your portfolio easy to read, easy on the eyes? Are you active on Twitter and LinkedIn?

If you have happened to use any of the above websites, leave a comment below. I would love to know about your experience with any of these websites. I’ve landed many freelance gigs off Indeed.com, and I recently signed up for Flexjobs.com.

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Melissa Ibarra is an online community services specialist at ProfNet, a service that connects journalists with expert sources. In the past, she has worked for CBS Sports and News 12 NJ and done freelance reporting for New Jersey News Room and Reel Reporting. She specializes in social media, graphic design, and video production. Follow her media journey @melibarraTV.

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