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If you ask my friends and family who the most organized person is they will most definitely not say that it’s me!

That, however, doesn’t mean I don’t pin a ton of ideas on how to organize my cosmetics or the kid snacks on Pinterest, or follow several bloggers who know a thing or two about keeping a tidy home.

Miss Jen from iHeart Organizing believes that simplifying and beautifying a space is the “most fantastic addiction.” Her enthusiasm for what she does and blogs about is inspiring.

I’d love to know where socks go when they go missing. I’ve tried several ways to keep them together but none seem to work. I really like Jen’s idea for socks and it’s just as practicable as it is cute.

Coming up with an idea and executing it is not easy for me and I always worry about spending more time and energy than it’s worth. Jen had an idea for a rope basket to store blankets in her guest room that turned out fantastic. But, reading about what she went through is exactly what I want to avoid. That said, I’ll probably want to do this now that I know what I’m getting into.

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I’m an Organizing Junkie is written by Laura and, like all of the bloggers featured today, she proudly declares herself addicted to making things simpler. In her words: “Organizing isn’t a means to an end, it’s an ongoing process that involves all sorts of habits, disciplines and maintenance. It can also be extremely rewarding and addicting.”

In 2011, Laura ran a series called 52 Weeks of organization. Weeks 1 and 2 help you figure out where to start. She also offers free printables to help along the way.

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“Organizing” and “fun” are not words I would use in the same sentence, but as Becky from Organizing Made Fun points out – an organized home does not mean a perfect home.

I would love to have an unlimited budget to get my house in order. Like most, I have a frugal budget and Becky has 31 ways to cheaply organize your home! My favorite from the series is repurposing old furniture, but she has some really clever uses for hooks, too.

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When you promise your family that there will be no new projects, you’ve redesigned your blog and then the dam (or water main) breaks, it is easy to put priorities in order. Organizing Home Life is going through that as I type and bless her, I’m sure there will be some great articles on how to survive water damage.

In the meantime, I recommend checking out her Tips and Tricks section as well as her latest post for back to school organization – a Duck Tape Bulletin Board.

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