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Vintage Blogs

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Vintage blogs.

The idea for this set of blog profiles actually came from a colleague, who’s been following this world. I dove in to check it out, and I came back with several great blog examples.

The Glamourous Housewife is about “rediscovering the lost art of homemaking.”

The housewife is Bethany Herwegh, and her blog chronicles her journey into glamour, which includes fashion, cooking, and crafting.

“As housewives ourselves, we know how all-consuming our days can be and how little appreciation we sometimes get,” the blog says. “We are also tired of the moniker of ‘housewife’ being a derogatory word. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in your family and home and it is high time we take this word back.”

I found a great many thoughtful posts in here. Some that caught my eye include Deep Thoughts: Why Do Women Let Themselves Go?, 17 Extraordinary (And Easy) Halloween Makeup Ideas, and Meal Planning for the Domestically Challenged.

An honorable mention goes to: Be Afraid, Be Very, Very Afraid.

Follow @GlamorHousewife on Twitter.

Chronically Vintage preserves the past and shares the vintage wardrobe of blogger Jessica Cangiano.

“This is the corner of the good ol’ interwebs in which I write about my immense lifelong fascination with history, particularly the mid-twentieth century (1920s – 1950s),” she writes.

Cangiano features her Etsy shop, vintage recipes, and interesting posts, including Adventures in Vintage Advertising: Jell-O Gelatin, The 1940s Fall Outfit That a Vintage Newspaper Article Inspired, and The Best of Chronically Vintage’s Past Halloween Posts.

Follow @JessicaCangiano on Twitter.

Glamourdaze is a vintage fashion and beauty archive.

Talk about a fascinating site. Glamourdaze celebrates women’s fashion, make-up and beauty styles from the Edwardian era through the haute couture fashions of the 1950s.

Want to look up specific fashion decades? Here’s 1900s fashion, 1910s fashion, 1920s, etc.

Posts that I enjoyed include 1930 Hollywood Beauty Tricks – Oct. 1932, That ‘70s Show – Retro Fashion Nostalgia in 2015, and Vintage Swimsuit Fashion.

Follow @GlamourdazeBlog on Twitter.

We Heart Vintage covers vintage fashion, cinema, and photography.

I super like this site. It’s managed by Mary, a mom, web designer, and “vintage-addict from a small village in the UK.”

“This blog has become my personal obsession,” Mary says. “I’m a sixties child at heart, but also adore the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 70s. I haven’t managed to re-embrace the 80s yet, my teenage memories of batwing jumpers and blue mascara are just too fresh.”

Notable posts include Fashion Snapshots: 1928, Queen Elizabeth II in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, Let’s Dance, and 5 Classic Hollywood Celebrities Who Rocked Statement Brows The First Time Around.

Follow @whvblog on Twitter.

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Christine Cube is an audience relations manager with PR Newswire and freelance writer. Christine has decided to up her vintage game after seeing these fine, beautiful sites. The fashion … the fashion! Follow @cpcube or check out her latest on Beyond Bylines on PR Newswire for Journalists.

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