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Podiatry Blogs

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I never truly appreciated my toe until I could not walk on it, with any pressure literally making me weep. Thus, my appreciation for the practice of podiatry increased, and today, I’m featuring podiatrist blogs.

Podiatry Today is the online version of the award-winning magazine. Though it’s written with doctors in mind, there is plenty of information that a layperson would find helpful like assessing running shoes or socks and fungal pathogens.

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NYC Podiatry Blog is an extension of Dr. Scott Rubenstein’s podiatry practice in New York. He writes for the everyday person looking for information about feet.

Did you know that wearing high heels increases a woman’s chances of a sprained ankle? Maybe the ankle pain is not a sprain but a fracture, Rubenstein explains the difference in a very clear cut, matter-of-fact way.

Ingrown toenails seem like they would be an easy fix. Rubenstein explains the importance of letting a podiatrist take care of the ingrown toenail to prevent infection instead of following a home remedy.

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Having the right shoe is a big step toward correcting some basic foot issues. In Podiatry Shoe Review, Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy “discusses and recommends shoes for people of all ages with a multitude of podiatric problems.”

McCarty’s shoe reviews not only review the shoe, but also gives examples of who should or should not wear certain types of shoes. Plus, the shoes she reviews are not the ugly orthopedic shoes that my grandma wore. Rather, they’re very fashionable, nice-looking shoes. Her latest review about wedge shoes, for instance, reinforces why I like the wedge instead of tiny heels, and why it may not be good for those with a foot injury.

I also found her article about broken toe treatment and what shoes to wear very enlightening. I always was under the impression there was nothing you can do, but she very clearly states what can be done when you see a podiatrist for your injury.

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Doctor Insole blog supports their product – the first over-the-counter, custom-grade orthotic insole.

Is running barefoot better?  Need easy stretches for your feet? Did you know that repairing an unstable ankle can mean just a 10-minute procedure and two weeks of rest? Doctor Insole helps answer these and many more questions in a very frank, easy to understand manner.

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