Blog Profiles: Costume & Candy Blogs

Costume and Candy Blogs

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The end of the month is fast approaching, and I’m thinking more and more about how my kid will do his first Halloween.

Costumes and local events remain top-of-mind. So in the spirit of timeliness, I uncovered some interesting costume and candy blogs.

American Duchess is the blog of Lauren Stowell, who’s been into historical costuming since 2003.

“I get giddy about women’s clothing from the 16th century all the way through the 1960s, but have a particular soft spot for 18th century fashion,” Lauren says, on her blog. “I started American Duchess in 2009, to chronicle my sewing adventures but also to hopefully become a resource for other costumers who have the same questions I did.”

This is an interesting site. Posts that caught my eye include 8 Easy Historical Halloween Costume Ideas, How to Add Shaped Pockets to Pants and Skirts, and The 1940s in Shoes – Black Platforms (With Studs!?).

Follow @AmericanDuchess on Twitter.

What drew me to Neatorama was its Halloween section.

But the whole blog currently is covering Halloween-related material, and it’s a pretty fun read.

I especially enjoyed Couples Costumes You Can Feel Good About Wearing on Halloween, 7th Annual Riverside Halloween House Light Show, and Gear Up For Halloween While You Still Can With These 25 Ghoulishly Good T-Shirts.

Follow @neatorama on Twitter.

Candy Blog features meticulously photographed and documented reviews of candy from around the world. It also has a Halloween candy section.

Blogger Cybele May is the brain behind the site.

“I love candy,” May writes. “It was an obsession as a child, mostly because I wasn’t allowed to have it as much as I wanted. I used to tell my mother when I grew up, I’d eat candy all the time. I think my mother probably thought I’d grow out of it. But I didn’t.”

May says while her tastes have changed, she still enjoys the classics like M&Ms, Lemon Heads, and Gummi Bears.

Notable posts include Snickers Crisper, Trader Joe’s Toffee Chips, and Brach’s Sea Salt Chocolate Candy Corn.

Follow @candyblog on Twitter.

Junk Food Guy features “your daily snack of junk food, pop culture and awkwardness.”

Eric Huang is the Junk Food Guy. He’s also reviewed a few foreign snacks, but he explains, “For the most part, I’m still dealing primarily with US-only junk food. But how can I resist Doritos from another country? The answer: I CAN’T.”

I like Huang’s writing style.

Some posts that I enjoyed include Review: Limited Edition Brownie Batter Oreos, IMPROMPTU FOOD FACEOFF w/ Actual Brownies, & Hiatus Time … Sort OF, Review: Boardwalk Kettle Corn Pop Chips & Where The Heck Have I Been / Looking Back on the MLB Season, and, well, a bunch more posts that reside in his candy section.

Follow @junkfoodguy on Twitter.

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