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Kid Toy Blogs

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There are five important days in the year that kids look forward to: the last day of school, their birthday, a holiday they get a gift, Halloween, and the day the big toy catalog comes in the mail. I have no idea how they knew we had kids, but the day after we brought our bundle of joy home, it arrived. That great big wish list book of toys, gadgets, and stuff that will make a kid happy for that moment.

While the ads and commercials are informative, nothing beats first-hand knowledge and the following blogs have done their research.

SAHM Reviews was founded by Nicole and has grown her blog to include five other bloggers, including her husband Scott. Since starting her blog, Nicole has worked with major corporations to increase their presence on social media and was featured in the book Power Moms by Maria Bailey,

What I enjoy most about SAHM Reviews is that besides covering everything from tech to food, they also have an extensive toy and game review section of new games like Colt Express, which uses a train to get players around the board. SAHM also has a fun Thrift Treasure series which shares games they’ve found at thrift stores like Uno Stacko, it’s Jenga with an Uno twist.

Follow SAHMReviews on Twitter.

Dad Does reviews products with dads in mind. Founded by dad Dan Nessel, Dad Does covers a wide range of reviews as well as toys for kids and has been recapping the Toy Fair since 2011. My little one wants a chocolate pen and my oldest wants a drone, and I now know if I want to put them under the tree this year.

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Keri is the Toy Queen as well as a pediatric occupational therapist with a talent for finding toys for children. She shares reviews for “toys, games, attractions, events, movies, DVDs and baby products for their developmental qualities.” Basically, she can tell you what to buy at which stages for all children. Check out Keri’s list of the best toys for 2015, which was featured on NECN and

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