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Book Review and Publishing Blogs

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My favorite book fair just took place – 38th Annual Book Fair & Authors’ Night at the National Press Club.

The fair is open to the public, if you’re ever in DC in the fall. I snapped a couple photos (below) just to give you an idea of the scene.

I like this event because it provides excellent reading, invaluable face time and discussions with authors on their works, book signings, and because we’re so close to the holidays – awesome gift options for the readers in your life.

Needless to say, I bought a few books.

National Press Club Book Fair


So, today, we’re looking at book review and publishing blogs.

The Book Designer offers “practical advice to help build better books.”

Author Joel Friedlander is the brain behind the site and in his words, the blog is an expression of “my big why.”

“Writers change the world one reader at a time,” he says. “But you can’t change the world with a book that’s still on your hard drive or in a box under your bed. The imperative this creates – both for me, in making sure these books get published properly, and for you, to make sure the story that only you can tell gets out into the world – is the force behind what I do here.”

Some posts that caught my eye include Writers, Are You Willing to Play The Waiting Game?, The A-B-C-D Formula for Irresistible Nonfiction Book Titles, and Jump in The Convertible: Ebook Conversion Tools.

Follow @JFbookman on Twitter.

The Millions is an online magazine that covers books, arts, and culture.

The site’s Books & Reviews Section features “reviews and articles on thousands of books.”

I like The Millions for a number of reasons – it’s super attractive, engaging, and the writing is thoughtful.

A few notable posts include Alone Together: At Book Riot Live, Family Secrets: On Matthew Spender’s ‘A House in St. John’s Wood’, and 2015 National Book Award Winners Announced.

Follow @The_Millions on Twitter.

Omnivoracious is the Amazon Book Review blog.

The site features lists and reviews, authors, and news and features.

Let’s start with the lists – a couple of my favorites were 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime and – because I have a brand new kid – 100 Children’s Books to Read in a Lifetime.

Interesting reads include On the Side: Thanksgiving with “V is for Vegetables”, RIP Harriet Klausner: 1952 – 2015, and Book Sculptures are Amazing.

Honorable mention goes to Celebrity Picks: Pharrell Williams’s Favorite Reads of 2015.

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Publetariat is for “people who publish.”

The site was launched by April L. Hamilton in 2008. Recently, Hamilton passed the torch to Paula Reichwald.

Publetariat covers book trends, business, design, and ebooks, among other book-related news and information.

I appreciate the strategy of book writing that comes through in Publetariat posts.

Some posts that I enjoyed include Eight Myths New Writers Need to Stop Believing in, Writers, We Need to Stop Saying This, Writing The Perfect Scene, and Building Buzz Before Your Book Comes Out: 10 Strategies That Work.

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