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Pets dominate social media feeds. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t like at least a dozen cute pet pictures. It was once out of a sense of obligation since they probably liked one of my cute baby pictures, but now it’s because my family has adopted a cat from our local Animal Protective League.

Since adopting our cat, I’ve discovered a whole new niche in the blogging universe. I always knew that cat bloggers were out there, but somehow avoided it. Now I can’t get enough of these adorable little faces and the owners who share their stories.

Cat Man Do is written by cat expert, Dr. Arnold Plotnick (MS, DVM, ACVIM). Plontnick shares expertise in the field of feline veterinary medicine as well as stories from his personal life. In 2003, he opened a feline-only full-service hospital, Manhattan Cat Specialists, on the Upper West Side of New York City.

As a proud owner of an orange tabby, I found his report on The Relationship Between Coat Color and Personality in Cats fascinating. The study he cites found that tabby cats are the friendliest and most tolerant, which I have to agree with and I didn’t have to dig through the study. Another post worth mentioning and I bookmarked is the Top 8 Signs that you Need to take your Cat to the Veterinarian Immediately with the hope I will never need to review it again.

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Allegra and Ruby are the feline contributors of The Conscious Cat who, with their human Ingrid King, share advice on cat health, nutrition, and lifestyle. Ingrid is not just a cat lover who blogs but an award-winning author, certified veterinary journalist, and a professional member of the Cat Writers Association.

Some articles I found very helpful are 6 Healthy Habits to Make 2016 a Happy Year for Your Cats and 10 Best Cat Products of 2015. The most recent post on the blog shares the Conscious Cat’s annual report listing the most popular posts of 2015, where viewers are coming from as well as having been viewed 2.5 million times for the year.

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Cats are funny and Housecat Confidential documents the antics of the cats Quill and Fin written from their perspective. Their stories and accompany pictures are sweet and amusing and will have you browsing past posts for hours. From naughtiness to Floofless Fridays even non-cat lovers will have something enjoyable to look at in Housecat Confidential.

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Max the Psycho Kitty, the Funny Farmer Felines (Cyndi, Percy, Rusty, and Micah), Siamese cats Cheysuli and Ichiro, and “a tabby cat hoo luvz baseball” are the some of the writers behind Mousebreath, an “award-winning online lifestyle magazine by cats, for cats and cat lovers.”

I was attracted to this particular blog because Max the Psyco Kitty currently sports a Doctor Who hat and answers questions from other cats (and sometimes humans) on Ask Max Mondays. As I dug deeper I found the entire blog to be very witty and of course, very cute. Another favorite feature of mine is Meezer Mediations which offers insightful meditations from the Siamese cats Chey and Ichiro as well as their keen commentary on that day’s meditation.

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Since it was my sweet, tolerant orange tabby who inspired this post, here is my own cute cat photo:

Tolerant tabby for Blogs We Love Cat Edition

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