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Funeral Blogs

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While scores of passionate people are planning on how they will spend and celebrate Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to discuss celebrating loved ones after they have passed. Speaking from experience, planning a funeral before the actual event lessens the burden on the ones grieving. The blogs featured this week are dedicated to helping others with the planning process.

A Good Goodbye is the blog to accompany Gail Rubin’s award-winning TV/DVD series, A Good Goodbye, as well as her Internet radio program.

Her goal is to “get end-of-life and funeral planning conversations started with a light touch on a serious subject.” Gail uses humor to discuss the inevitable like taking care of advance medical directives, estate planning, and funeral planning.

My mom’s funeral was planned in advance, but we still had to sit down with the funeral home director and go over the details. All I kept thinking was, “I wish we could do this at home.” I now know that Home Funerals without a Funeral Home is making a comeback. Gail’s subject matter is not all gloomy. She shares funny cartoons like When a Magician Messes Up and hosts Laughing and Learning workshops. Her TedTalk reinforces what I’ve read in her blog, using humor to make the uncomfortable and inevitable less scary.

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Amy Cunningham is the owner of a new funeral firm called Fitting Tribute Funeral Services. Cunningham also shares her insights in funeral planning in her blog, The Inspired Funeral.

Cunningham’s post, What Most People Don’t Know or Can’t Fathom About Cremation answers all of the questions I had about cremation when I was going through the planning process. She also made a wonderful suggestion of getting the loved one’s cremation casket ahead of time so it can be decorated with words of love or drawings.

There is often a debate about what to do with ashes after the ceremony. Some opt to be buried, but some family members want to keep those ashes close. In For Couples Who Wish to Spend Eternity Together, there are several interesting and creative urns that would also work for those who would rather not spend the afterlife together.

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I Want a Fun Funeral is written by Kyle Tevlin, and she is on a mission to change the way funerals are done. She wants to see funerals reflect the person’s life and be a tribute. In her words, “I’d like you to consider that the way funerals have always been done is kind of lame.”

Her advice is not just practical like in Memorize This One Phrase When Shopping for Funeral Services, but also challenges the status quo funeral and to not worry about the details, sometimes.

Kyle also has a really lovely collection of music ideas and suggestions to fit every personality.

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Funeral One is a company dedicated to serving the funeral professional service. Funeral One’s blog is geared to professionals in the funeral business but speaks to those who are making arrangements as well. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a funeral director? The Life Of A Funeral Director… From Head To Toe explains how these individuals dedicate their whole self, heart, hands, and head into their life’s work.

Funeral One also shares funeral trends in 2016 and ways to families can celebrate life after the funeral. I was also fascinated by 5 Famous People Who Got Their Start In The Funeral Profession. You’ll never guess who they are!

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