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When I have free time, I love to explore Tumblr.

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that ranges from the interesting to the mundane and everything in between. I never know what I will get, but I do know it will be interesting.

Tastefully Offensive is a humor blog by Christian Baker, who has spent every single day, since June 9, 2010, “filtering out the funniest photos, videos, comics, and GIFs from the vastness of the internet.” It’s all the cartoons you may have missed.

I’ve often thought that manbaby syndrome was real and this cartoon reblogged from College Humor proves it. Baker shares Jim Benton’s Helpful Tip When You Meet Someone cartoon that is silly and pokes fun at attempts to remember names of people you’ve just met.

Shark attacks in the ocean are tragic, but thanks to More Common Kinds of Shark Attacks, I’m going to have to keep a better eye out for Land Shark.

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Ever wonder what happened to a former team of BuzzFeed? They gathered on YRBFF and create “dank memes and dumb jokes.”

Me You visually describes a perfect couple, in my opinion, and this creepy photo montage of one TV’s perfect couples needs no words to entice a giggle or two.

YRBFF also has plenty of cute dog gifs, funny cat cartoons, and Star War jokes to have you laughing for hours.

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Minty Anne on Tumblr shares photos that often accompanies her blog.

There is no way anyone can look at her blog and not be hungry afterward.

I’m not a fan of matcha lattes, but I want one after her gorgeous photo of a few glasses paired with lavender. Pictures of heart donuts and multi-grain crisps never looked so good as they do through her eyes.

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Finally, for book lovers, you should really follow Harper Collins on Tumblr. Visually appealing images and quotes from authors is addictive to a true bibliophile.

Sadly, I found out of Harper Lee’s death from their post and the lovely words that Michael Morrison, President and Publisher of HarperCollins, had to say was truly touching.

On National Drink Wine Day, they featured the covers of wine inspired books and announced a sale. And, on Valentine’s Day, they featured a wonderful list of books to buy your sweetheart. Personally, I love to browse the covers of books in bookstores. This Tumblr allows me to do in the comfort of my home.

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