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 Blogs about blogging

I broke my personal blog this week. Maybe broke is too harsh a word to use, so let’s just say I bruised it.

I wanted to take out an unnecessary widget from the individual blog posts, which seemed pretty easy. Not only did I not remove the offending widget, but I also removed the previews from my homepage. I was in a puddle of tears because I didn’t bother to back up my template.

I spent hours researching how to fix my problem. And by research, I mean Googling how to fix it. The blogs that I’m featuring I’ve used in the past and one that helped me fix my broken blog at 2 a.m. Thank goodness blogs are open 24/7.

Blogger Tips and Tricks is the blog that saved my blog. I was able to fix my issue using How to Hide Blogger Post Content from Homepage and doing the opposite. Sometimes the best way to fix what’s broken is to see how not to do something.

I blog on Blogger (Blogspot, if you’re old school) and though I love it, I’m not a fan of advertising it so How To Remove/Hide Blogger Navbar was one of the first things I did as a new blogger. Right now my subscribe buttons are horizontal, but if I ever want to go vertical this subscribe widget really is beautiful.

Blogger Tips and Tricks also has a lot of information for WordPress, too, from Themes to Plugins.

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ShoutMeLoud is written by Harsh Agrawal about starting and managing a blog online. He shares his knowledge on creating blogs as well as products and services to help maintain them.

I started reading WordPress vs. Blogger and considered the move after reading how to prepare for the move, but ultimately decided to stay the course.

I went on to read 5 Reasons Why Blogging Therapy Is Therapeutic. I started blogging as a type of therapy and stressing myself out over moving to another platform defeats the purpose, but at least I know where to turn when and if decide to move.

100+ Blogging Tools For 2016, Categorized (+ Expert Tips) is an excellent resource for bloggers regardless of the blogging platform.

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The title of the next blog pretty much says it all: Daily Blog Tips. This blog offers tips daily for business or bloggers looking to earn money.

Nine Blogging Milestones to Celebrate was the first post I read when I found them because I wanted to see if I hit them all. I achieved all but the last one within my first two years of blogging, and I can finally say that I reached all nine last month. Last month, I got my first official thank you email that was not related to winning a sweepstakes, but for a post I wrote about hosting a chili cookoff. I was thrilled.

Overall, the tips featured are organized and easy to find like blogging basics and blog design. And posts like, removing broken links are well written and easy to follow.

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Finally, Blogging Pro is full of practical how-to tips for blogging and has tips on writing and a job board if you are looking to earn money writing.

I’ve been saying for years that I need to clean up my blog and their ideas on how to clean up and simplify are not overwhelming. 6 Small Ways to Make Your Blog More Appealing for First-Timers goes perfectly with simplifying your blog and worth the read.

The Ultimate Blogging Legal Guide, Tools, and Resources for Publishers is one of the most thorough articles I’ve found on legal resources and definitely worth bookmarking.

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