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Source: PRNewsFoto/IBM

Source: PRNewsFoto/IBM

Hilton and IBM Pilot “Connie,” The World’s First Watson-Enabled Hotel Concierge

Hilton Worldwide and IBM announced March 9 a collaboration to pilot “Connie” – the first Watson-enabled robot concierge in the hospitality industry. Connie draws on domain knowledge from Watson and WayBlazer to inform guests on local tourist attractions, dining recommendations and hotel features and amenities. Connie, named for Hilton’s founder Conrad Hilton, marks the first time IBM has developed a Watson-enabled robot for the hospitality market. Connie will work side-by-side with Hilton’s Team Members to assist with visitor requests, personalize the guest experience and empower travelers with more information to help them plan their trips. See the full release to learn more about the innovation.

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Knights of Columbus Provides Major Report on Genocide of Christians to State Department

The major report that makes the case that the terror campaign being waged against Christians by ISIS – and its affiliates against Christians and other religious minorities – meets the definition of genocide was released March 10 at a news conference at the National Press Club by the Knights of Columbus (K of C) and In Defense of Christians (IDC). It was presented to the State Department on March 9. The 280-page report includes substantial material not previously available, including the most comprehensive information to date on Christians who have been killed, kidnapped, raped, sold into slavery, driven from their homes, and dispossessed, as well as on churches that have been destroyed. It also details interviews with witnesses to the atrocities that were collected during a Knights of Columbus fact-finding mission to Iraq last month. See the full release to learn more about the report.

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Source: PRNewsFoto/Legacy Recordings

Source: PRNewsFoto/Legacy Recordings

Columbia/Legacy Celebrates the 90th Birthday of Miles Davis with Two Special New Releases

Columbia/Legacy will commemorate the 90th birthday of globally renowned music innovator Miles Davis with the release of two very special new Miles Davis album projects: MILES AHEAD – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available Friday, April 1. A cinematic exploration of the life and music of Miles Davis, the movie feature “MILES AHEAD” marks the directorial debut of Don Cheadle, who co-wrote the screenplay (with Steven Baigelman) and stars as the legendary musician in the film. EVERYTHING’S BEAUTIFUL will include reimagined interpretations of Miles Davis’ music produced by Grammy Award winner Robert Glasper, with musical guest artists including Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, and more. It will be available Friday, May 27 (the day after Miles’ 90th birthday).  See the full release for more details.

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Credit Unions More Than Twice as Likely as Banks to Offer Free Checking Accounts

Credit unions are more than twice as likely as banks to offer free checking accounts to new customers, according to a new Bankrate.com report. Bankrate surveyed the nation’s 50 largest credit unions and found that 76% of their checking accounts are free – meaning no service fees or per transaction charges regardless of balance or activity. Only 37% of banks can say the same. In 2010, 78% of credit unions and 65% of banks offered free checking accounts to everyone. “At a time when free checking has become increasingly rare at large banks, it is still very prevalent among credit unions,” said Greg McBride, CFA, Bankrate.com’s chief financial analyst. See the full release to learn more about the report.

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Verizon Worst Phone Owners in America Infographic

Source: PRNewsFoto/Verizon

New Verizon Survey Identifies the Worst Phone Owners in America

At one point or another, many mobile phone owners will experience the anguish of breaking their device. Either by sitting it on it, driving over it or – perhaps worst of all – dropping it in the toilet. In fact, a new study by Verizon and KRC Research released on March 4 shows that nearly half (49%) of American mobile phone owners have broken or lost a mobile phone – in fact, on average, they’ve broken or lost two! Interestingly, Millennials in particular drop their phones twice as many times per week – an average of four – than Gen Xers or Baby Boomers. And parents are more likely to have broken or lost their mobile phone (67%) than phone owners without children (38%). See the full release to see more about bad phone-owners.

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