Blog Profiles: Men’s Interest Blogs, Volume 2

Men's Interest Blogs

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A colleague recently pointed me in the direction of a dad blog that I found pretty fun. It’s always nice when you meet new blogs through friends.

So that’s what helped inspire this post on Men’s Interest blogs.

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1. Cool Material

Cool Material is a neat men’s gear site.

The blog was created in 2009, from a passion about exciting products.

“Not only do we bring you a daily selection of carefully curated items we think you’ll love, but we take you inside workshops and stores, share stories about innovative brands and craftsmen, and supply you with entertaining and informative reads we think you’ll enjoy,” the blog says. “While we’ve grown, we’ve kept quality, uniqueness, and that inherent cool at the heart of everything we post.”

Notable posts include The Guide to Buying a DeLorean, The 10 Best Secret Restaurants in America, and The Eight Best Tactical Flashlights.

Honorable mention goes to Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks. (Wow.)

Follow @coolmaterial on Twitter.

2. A Continuous Lean

A Continuous Lean features men’s interest stories on lifestyle, gear and fashion.

It was created by Michael Williams, a writer and creative strategist in New York.

“Originally from Ohio, he founded ACL in 2007 as a way to celebrate the well-made and often under-appreciated companies with an affinity for things made in the U.S.A.,” the blog says.

Interesting posts include Grails for Males – The Five Things Every Man of Style Aspires to Own, Adventures in Archival Menswear with the Vintage Showroom, and At Home with the Last Knight of Glin.

Follow @acontinuouslean on Twitter.

3. ManMade

ManMade features “creativity and the handmade life for the postmodern male.”

The site covers How-To, art and design, eat and drink, and gear.

I could read this site for a goodly amount of time. There are several posts that immediately grabbed me.

It starts with the minute-by-minute post on How to Clean Your Entire House in 45 Minutes: A Modern Man’s Guide.

Other cool posts include 14 Seriously Tasty Burgers You’ve Got to Try This Weekend, How-To: The Simple Trick for Making a Perfect Fried Egg, and The Best Affordable Irish Whiskey: 5 Bottles to Try Under $30.

Follow @ManMadeDIY on Twitter.

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