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Spring is here! For many of us, it means spring cleaning. I’m going a different route and working on me – cleaning out the junk food and dusting off the tennis shoes.

When I’m looking for inspiration, motivation, or a recipe, I turn to these bloggers.

Runs for Cookies shares “lifestyle changes that I am willing to live with FOREVER.” This means no fad diets, pills, or wraps. Over the course of 16 months, she lost 125 pounds.

Since I’m not a runner, I went right to her post on How to get started as a runner. Who knows. Maybe I will become one, too.

Having never lost that amount of weight, I hadn’t considered that a surgery consult is sometimes a next step. Your body doesn’t always naturally go back to the way it was. Her post on having plastic surgery and the procedure covers what to expect from start to finish.

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Erika Nicole Kendall shares her story of weight loss on her blog, A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss.

Kendall lost over 160 pounds living by her #ScaleFree philosophy. Not only did she become certified in women’s fitness, weight loss, and nutrition by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, she built a business from her blog.

I started with The Ten Commandments of Gym and Workout Wear, since I’m about to go on a shopping spree. There is also plenty of great information to look through in her Tools for Weight Loss, like 4 Health & Fitness Apps Giving You the Most Bang for Your Buck and Understanding Calorie Counting.

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First Time Mom… and Losing It started as a motivational blog as this mom began the process of losing baby weight. At 32 weeks, she has lost just over 70 pounds.

I’ve been following FTM for a few months now and feel invested. Each week she posts her progress, what she’s eating, and her workouts. Don’t you just love to see someone hit their goals?

This blogger also shares healthy recipes and product reviews.

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The last blog I want to highlight is Livy Loves to Runwritten by Diana Smith. Her post about losing 100 pounds in 11 months is what inspired me to make that my goal. Okay, mine is a full year, but still – it’s pretty ambitious.

Diana credits her weight loss to counting calories and running, but she also eats a cheat meal once a week. Reading her blog and looking at her pictures is like listening to a friend share part of her life. She hasn’t written since December, but still shares regularly on Instagram. Her blog is a real resource for those trying to lose weight.

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