Blog Profiles: Sports Blogs, Volume 1

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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, PR Newswire selects an industry or subject and a handful of sites that do a good job promoting and contributing to the conversation. This week’s list focuses on sports blogs. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet to us @BeyondBylines

It’s been a busy weekend for sports fans.

The Cleveland Indians and Gladiators lost, the Browns’ draft picks have my city hopeful, and Cavs are in the playoffs. While I’m not a sports fan, I did find some blogs that are interesting reads.

For even more sports content, check out our second edition of sports blogs we love.

1. Real Girl Sport 

Real Girl Sport “grew out of frustration really at the lack of coverage for women in the majority of media outlets.”

Written by Niamh Griffin, a former MuayThai fighter in Thailand, who won two titles in the 1990s. Griffin now lives in Ireland.

Real Girl Sport covers women in sports and not just in Ireland.

Griffin’s two-part interview with Amanda English is a fascinating read. English is a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu and has competed in MMA.

When English started her journey it was hard to find fights and her first interview goes in-depth about it and has links to her fights. The second part covers how MMA is growing for women.

Follow @RealGirlSport on Twitter.

2. Razzball for Football

This is a blog for fantasy football. Razzball covers other sports, but I’m focusing on the football.

Though I’m not a fan of football, the drama of the draft is just good entertainment. And, the blog recapped the draft well enough that I sound like I know what I’m talking about.

I also find the blog’s authors generally funny. I also can appreciate that the site doesn’t just discuss football, but it’s very informed on other important things like Game of Thrones.

Follow @Razzball on Twitter.

3. Baseball with Matt

Matt Nadel is an aspiring baseball broadcaster with a love for baseball history. Nadel shares his love on Baseball with Matt.

At 17, he’s the youngest pro-blogger about baseball history on

Two posts that are certainly home runs in my book are Some Very Punny Hall of Fame Surnames and The New York Football Yankees.

Follow @BaseballwMatt on Twitter.

4. Inside Hoops

Finally, I can’t forget basketball.

Inside Hoops is an “essential NBA basketball blog from true NBA insiders, with news, notes, opinions and more.”

The site certainly seems to have the inside scoop for anything basketball, including the late-season acquisition of Kris Humphries before the Eastern Conference semifinal and a ringside seat to the Purple Shirt Guy’s rant at the Charlotte vs. Miami Heat game.

Follow @InsideHoops on Twitter.

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