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Few people know this, but I started my college career as a photography major. Like most college students, I changed my major many times and went in a different direction. Blogging has allowed me to dust off my camera, so to speak.

To keep up to date on trends, learn new techniques, or just browse wonderful images, I turn to these blogs.

Advancing Your Photography (AYP) is “focused on following pros and having them show you how to get those great shots.”

Marc Silber shares his insights for taking better photographs. He does this by incorporating videos with his writing and photographs. Silber also goes to other professionals for their point of view.

This two-minute introduction to digital photography and 7 Photography Tips to learn from a 3-year-old are the two posts that I would highly recommend starting with on AVP. And, if you ever wonder if Ansel Adams would have gone digital – he found the answer.

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Lauren and Rob did not have a lifelong dream to become artists and specialize in photography, They found each other’s blogs (before anyone really knew what blogs were) in college and went on a trip to Europe. They returned from Europe and decided to go pro as wedding photographers.

Now, they’re sharing what they know in Photography Concentrate.

They are passionate about sharing their knowledge of photography because they believe that anyone can do it. I particularly like Shooting Nervous and Max Learns Photography: Timing because of their candor and a peek into their lives as photographers.

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Fro Knows Photos also knows how to tug at your heart-strings. When I was searching for blogs to feature, I always look at the About section first. I typically skip videos, but after reading the introduction to the video I had to find out the story of his afro hair and his mom’s influence on his career. I was in tears.

Jared Polin covers everything from pointers for beginners to real world reviews mainly using videos.

My favorite series is 5 Minute Portraits. The videos average about 20 minutes and there is so much great information packed into each video. It’s worth the time to watch if you want to improve your photos. It also helps that Polin loves what he does, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

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The final blog I want to highlight is A Photo a Day. This blog started with a few friends sharing a photo by email every day which grew into a blog with more than 1,300 photography students and photojournalists.

Each post is just a photo, every day.

Follow A Photo a Day on Twitter.

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