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My kid has a cold.

He’s 1. And while I know that he’s got a long road ahead with development and working out his bugs, it stings that I can’t help him quickly fix this.

So I looked online for what’s out there in the realm of children’s health, and I found a bunch of great health and parenting sites. (Thanking my lucky stars that you guys are staying on top of these issues and keeping your readers informed!)

Healthy Child Healthy World Blog is powered by the non-profit research and advocacy organization, Environmental Working Group.

The HCHW program provides “practical, compelling, state-of-the-art guidance that continually empowers families to lead healthier lives in a healthier environment.”

Some of the posts really got me thinking about the direction of my child’s health. Among my favorites were Five Essential Facts About Pesticides on Fruits and Vegetables, What Does a Good Breakfast Cereal Look Like?, and Top Tips for Beating Seasonal Allergies.

And just because it’s on everyone’s minds lately as summer approaches, I found this post interesting: As Zika Spreads, Everyone Should Take Precautions.

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Children’s National Health System produces a good Parenting Blog.

It’s designed to “offer solid health information and practical tips, drawing on the expertise of pediatric specialists from Children’s National Health System.”

Interesting posts include How Much Sleep Does My Child Need?, How Climate Change is Affecting Your Child’s Health, and Teaching Your Child Pedestrian Safety.

In the latter post, I especially found this tip helpful: “Make street safety interactive. As you walk, ask your child what they would do in certain situations, like using the crosswalk for example, and let them explain in their own words. This shows that they understand the boundaries of pedestrian safety.”

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While He Was Napping is the blog of Krista, who’s mom to three boys.

“I’m knee-deep in Tonka trucks & Thomas trains,” Krista writes. “I survive our crazy days with Vanilla Coke, Sonic slushies, sweet snuggles and little giggles. When I tuck them in tight & kiss them good night, I get a little time to create and just be me.”

I like this blog a lot.

It covers do-it-yourself, recipes, family, travel, and tech and gadgets, to name a few.

Notable posts include Top 10 Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer (the cardboard box cars! Genius) and 30 Minute DIY Musical Gift Box.

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The Stir by CafeMom has a great parenting section that discusses everything from pregnancy up to parenting teens.

These posts get you thinking. Among the ones that moved me: The Heartbreak of Raising Daughters Who Are Strong Enough to Leave Us, My Infertility Struggle Taught Me the Best Lesson About Being a Mom, and The Best & Worst Months to Get Pregnant (Your Baby’s Health is at Stake).

Also, I really enjoyed 15 Fastest-Rising Baby Names of the Year.

Follow @The_Stir on Twitter. keeps me mindful of where my life soon will be headed.

Leading the blog is Natasha Daniels, a child therapist and mother of three.

Some of the highlights I found on this site: 8 Creative Questions to Ask Your Child About Their School Day, How to Teach Kids to Dress Themselves, 15 Things You Should Never Do To An Introverted Child, and 23 Ways Parents Undermine Each Other.

Really good, thoughtful reading.

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