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We are just a pale blue dot in a sea of black.

To believe we’re the only life forms in the universe is vanity. This makes space exploration so much fun to contemplate.

It would be wrong if I didn’t start off with NASA’s blog.

Aesthetically, this is just a gorgeous site. The photos of space are inspiring, the layout makes it easy to navigate, and the latest articles can be viewed without being redirected to another page.

With the NASA Glenn exhibit at the Great Lakes Science Center just a short walk from my office, I enjoyed browsing the aeronautics section. It’s also worth checking out the photo of the day feature and looking at the past photos.

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The Planetary Society was founded by Bill Nye, who also is a contributing blogger. His love of space and science inspired him to create a place for space fans.

Also contributing to TPS is Emily Lakdawalla, Bruce Betts, Mat Kaplan, Casey Dreier, and “a host of expert and entertaining voices from throughout our vast space community.”

Ever wonder how NASA selects its next mission? Selecting the Next New Frontiers Mission shares, in detail, the nuances of the competition process. Are we alone in the universe? Nye shares his thoughts and advocates for more space research.

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Earth Blog covers earth and astronomy through scientific photographs and news.

The extent of my science education ended in the 10th grade. I can admit, I’ve been looking at the photos more than reading the text in the blog I picked for today. Earth Blog does a wonderful job explaining the helix nebula and a roll cloud in lay terms.

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I think of as a less formal version of NASA.

The majority of the posts on NASA read more like actual press releases. tells the facts, in a traditional blog format.

There is an image of the day feature to scroll through as well as many of the other standard science features, but Space has an entertainment section. On the set of ‘Hidden Figures’ to celebrating Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, there is something for everyone.

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