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The spring equinox, the first equinox of 2022, is on the horizon. The event will happen on Sunday, March 20, making it the astronomical first day of spring. This is the moment in time when the sun moves directly north across the Earth’s equator.

But it’s not the only astronomical event to look forward to this year. May 16 and November 8 will bring us total lunar eclipses and meteor showers will take place in April, May, July, August, November and December.

These four space blogs will give you loads of information on astronomical events, exploration, photography, science, research and education.


The number one spot for space blogging is, of course, NASA. The NASA blog is so gigantic that it’s divided into several subsections: James Webb Space Telescope, Space Station, Dr. Thomas Z, Commercial Crew Program, Artemis, Do-It-Yourself Podcast, and Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Pick your next STEM adventure with NASA’s team by checking out the top-notch blog posts on everything outer space. From the first Mars Perseverance rover photo to the innovative technologies of the Artemis mission, there are numerous topics to choose from.

Check out: Webb Is Chilling Out; Human Research Exploring How Astronauts Adapt to Long-Term Spaceflight; and Space Dust Presents Opportunities, Challenges as Parker Solar Probe Speeds Back toward the Sun.

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Credit: @NASA on Instagram

2. Startalk

Two-time Webby winner Startalk is a blog and podcast hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist and planetary scientist who regularly features comedians and celebrities on the show. You likely already know Tyson from his many appearances on television and radio. He’s appeared on talk shows like “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and the television series, “NOVA scienceNOW.”

This podcast network “bridges the intersection between science, pop culture and comedy with clarity, humor and passion.” If you’re looking for engaging content that intersects entertainment with space, this one won’t disappoint.

Check out: The Snow Show: Making Snowflakes with Peter Veals and Twila Moon; Food in Space! With Alton Brown and Guests; and Cosmic Queries – Quantum Queries with Hakeem Oluseyi.

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Credit: @startalk on Instagram

3.’s mission is “to provide an amazing journey celebrating space exploration, innovation and discovery.” Check out the Expert Voices section for commentary, analysis and opinion pieces from the experts on space exploration, science and tech.

Join on your journey into space discovery by exploring the myriad posts on tech, spaceflight, science & astronomy, search for life, skywatching and more.

Discover more about space with these posts: Mysteries of Stephen Hawking’s doodle-filled blackboard may finally be solved; What is Space?; and Best telescopes 2022: Top picks for viewing planets, galaxies, stars and more.

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Credit: @spacedotcom on Instagram

4. Astronomy Now

Astronomy Now is “the UK’s biggest astronomy magazine,” and it’s been an essential publication for astronomers since 1987. The blog has a section called Spaceflight Now to help readers stay up to date on the latest space missions. I also especially like the site’s form for readers to ask questions about astronomy or space science that will be answered in the magazine.

Check out these posts: A third planet found orbiting nearest star to Sun; MeerKAT paints a mesmerising portrait of the Milky Way; and Rippling sand dunes across the floor of a crater at zero longitude on Mars.

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