Blog Profiles: Language Learning Blogs

blog profiles: language learning blogs

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The most I got out of my high school Spanish class was mono from the boy who sat in front of me.

I envy those who can switch from a conversation in English to a conversation in another language. The secrets they must be sharing!

The following bloggers believe that anyone can learn and second language and should.

Agnieszka Murdoch writes 5-Minute Language. She believes that time should not be an excuse for not learning a language. All her articles take less than five minutes to read and focus on language learning tips.

This blog will help you believe that you can learn a language fast and how watching TV can jump-start your language skills.

Follow @agamurdoch on Twitter.

Lindsay Does Language hails from England and teaches languages for a living. She should not be confused with Debbie in Texas.

You can say that she has a lot of fun teaching language.

Her list of books to inspire languages in children has me wanting to read them to my kids. Maybe we will both pick up a second language.

And, her quick start guide for Instagram and language has inspired me to take part in the monthly challenge.

Follow @lindsaydoeslanguages on Instagram.

Talk Foreign to Me came to be when the writer caught the travel bug. Wanting to travel the world, learning another language would be helpful.

So, while she set aside money to travel, she immersed herself in language studies.

The writer has been in Dakar since February and has been sharing the places she has learned about since 2014. I recommend her photos of Liberia as well as things foreigners should know before traveling to Dakar.

Follow @talkforeign on Instagram.

Itchy Feet is a webcomic published every Sunday.

It is about travel, life in foreign countries, and learning new languages. Besides, English, they are also written in 18 other languages.

Follow @ItchyFeetComic on Twitter.

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