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Why is all the delicious food saved for the holidays?

Decadent, unhealthy treats disguised as festive foods are everywhere — resulting in guilt that sends us running to the gym in January.

Preparing to get back to a healthier way of eating, I found four blogs that make healthy eating tasty, too.

Hungry Healthy Happy pretty much sums up how I feel when eating healthy.

For Dannii, the blogger behind Hungry Healthy Happy, it’s about creating gorgeous recipes. Dannii also shares how she lost 100 pounds.

Need a few recipes to offset the holiday binge? Try this Festive Chopped Salad with apples, pomegranate, oranges, kale, and pecans. And, indulge in these Gingerbread Cupcakes that are full of flavor, not calories.

Follow @HungryHealthyHappy on Instagram.

As an undergrad, Lee started documenting healthy eating on her blog Fit Foodie Finds.

Fast forward five years and Lee’s blog is now a full-time career — creating recipes, writing and taking pictures.

The world’s easiest white chicken quinoa chili is sure to be a crowd-pleaser in the cold, winter months. While, these paleo pumpkin pancakes will make a great addition to Sunday morning brunches.

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Jenné is the beautiful soul behind Sweet Potato Soul. In fact, she says, her “whole life revolves around food that makes me feel happy, energetic, and nourished.”

Sweet Potato Soul recipes are mouth-watering and easy to follow, but Jenné’s videos are just pure delight.

I spent more time watching her create in the kitchen than I should have, under the guise of research for this post. I will probably try to make no-bake sweet potato bars with raw gingerbread crust for Santa this year.

I also recommend trying Jenné’s sweet potato and lentil Buddha bowl. It’s a colorful array of veggies, lentils rice, and nuts. So much healthy goodness in a bowl!

Follow @SweetPotatoSoul on Instagram

Vegetarian Mamma is a new-to-me favorite.

I met Cindy, the master-mom in the kitchen, through a blogging group. I immediately became a fan of her easy and appetizing dishes.

Cindy’s family has allergies, so her dishes are gluten free and nut free. While my kids don’t have allergies, many of their friends do. Plus, my kids don’t like to eat meat.

Vegetarian Mamma has made me look good at many school potlucks and birthday parties this year.

I recommend the creamy white bean tomato soup. It tastes just like tomato bisque. And, to satisfy your (or your kid’s) sweet tooth, try gluten free, dairy free lemon cranberry cookies.

Follow @VegetarianMamma on Instagram

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