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Winter Sports Blogs

For winter sports enthusiasts, the post-Christmas season is the best time for snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and a plethora of other winter wonderland activities.

It’s been a while since the East Coast has seen any decent snow, and I’ve been itching to take a trip out west, or to a place with powder a-plenty.

To satisfy my snow addiction and prepare for my trip, I found some fun and informative blogs focused on all-things snow related.

1. Snowboard Addiction

The aptly named Snowboard Addiction was started and is owned by Nev Lapwood, who has been shredding the slopes since age 10 and has morphed into a highly accomplished coach and instructor.

Snowboard Addiction began in 2007 in Whistler, British Columbia, with only a few manuals and videos for people interested in learning to snowboard. The influx of people wanting Lapwood to teach them to snowboard is what led him to develop this online coaching program and blog.

While you do have to pay to view and use the full-length training videos, there are posts that include gifs, teasers, trailers, and tips that are free and easy to absorb, if you’re just looking for some quick pointers before you hit the slopes.

Since I am still learning the ins and outs of the sport, I found 4 Tips For Visualizing Tricks helpful with upping my snowboarding game. How To Learn Advanced Jib Tricks is a quick read, complete with gifs, to assist with tackling some of the more difficult tricks, and How To Hit Park Jumps is perfect for someone just starting to adventure into the park section of the slopes.

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Snowboard Addiction

Credit: Snowboard Addiction on Facebook

2. Snows Best

Rachel Oakes-Ash, the founder of Snows Best – the leading Australian independent snow blog, has been skiing, traveling, and writing about it for many years. Her life as a snow travel journalist has taken her all over the world, skiing the best mountains with some of the most famous skiers and boarders. Snows Best boasts a plethora of news, features, and opinion pieces, either by Oakes-Ash and her editorial team or by guest bloggers.

30 Questions Answered for First Time Snowboarders covers everything you need to know if you are a bit apprehensive about taking the plunge and strapping a board to your feet for the first time. Snowboarding can be a bit daunting, because if you fall, you’re going to fall hard. This post covers all the basics and important things to know before you attempt your first snowboarding adventure.

Snows Best also has a collection of information about different ski resorts, like Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia, Keystone Resort in Colorado, and Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah.

If you are looking for travel tips, resort reviews, or interviews with athletes, Snows Best delivers a wide array of content perfectly suited for every snow-related interest.

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Snows Best Blog

Credit: Miss Snow It All on Facebook

3. Liftopia

Liftopia is self-described as “a complete online ski marketplace,” which is exactly what it offers: A complete and comprehensive package of everything to do with mountain sports. While its primary focus is skiing and snowboarding, Liftopia also has a section on other outdoor activities, like biking, hiking, and climbing.

From a Beginner’s Ski Gear Guide to A Ski Bum’s Guide to Peak Weekend Skiing, this blog has you covered if it is one of your first times taking a ski trip. This Snowsports Glossary also walks you through each stage of a ski trip step-by-step, so you are prepared and know what to expect in each aspect of your snowy excursion.

If you live on the East Coast like me, be prepared to experience extreme powder envy if you check out the Massive Snowfall Totals and 5 Regions Buried in Snow Right Now posts, which show the ridiculous amounts of snow that resorts on the West Coast are getting this winter, complete with pictures to accompany your jealousy.

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Credit: Liftopia on Facebook

4. Ski Utah

Run by the nonprofit Utah Ski and Snowboard Association, Ski Utah primarily is focused on Utah and its ski resorts (shocking, I know). However, it also is a great resource for those who are passionate about winter sports and looking for travel tips, or for those who need some pointers on things like Backcountry Snowboarding or workouts to help you with skiing.

Teaching someone to ski or snowboard can be a frustrating venture, especially if it is a parent attempting to instruct their child. This post about Why Ski Lessons Trump Parents’ Instruction offers 10 reasons how a professional coach can be better for helping kids, or anyone, learn how to tackle the mountain.

Ski Utah also has a neat feature where you can compare the 14 Utah ski resorts by lift ticket price, number of lifts or slopes, percent of advanced terrain, distance from the airport, and several other factors. If planning a trip to Utah but unsure of where to go, this is a useful tool to help you decide.

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Ski Utah

Credit: Ski Utah on Facebook

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