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Makeup, to me, is one of those necessary evils.

Some women embrace it wholeheartedly, and there are others who go without the hassle.

I fall in between. I don’t feel the need to wear it every day, but will when I want to feel more put together or younger.

1. Dulce Candy

The blogger behind Dulce Candy has a laundry list of accomplishments.

Dulce is a mom, wife, and military vet. She’s also an author and brand ambassador, who’s been featured in magazines and on TV. In 2013, Dulce was named one of Latina Magazine’s “Latinas of the Year.” She also won L’Oreal & W Magazine’s “I Am Worth It” contest the same year.

From stunning special event make-up to enhancing your natural beauty, there is something for every woman. Her beauty videos are quick and easy to follow.

Follow @dulcecandy on Instagram.

Credit: Dulce Candy on Facebook

Credit: Dulce Candy on Facebook

2. Beautifully Brown

After leaving her job as a Beauty and Style editor for, Melanie Yvette created a space for women of color to come and discuss beauty.

Do you know how to really clean your face? Beautifully Brown takes you step-by-step through her process. Once I read it, I changed my routine. Face masks are amazing. Yvette kicks it up by multi-masking.

I highly recommend her interview series. I went from one article to the next riveted by the lives of the women she interviewed. They range from business owners and entrepreneurs to editors.

Follow @beautifullybrownofficial on Instagram.

Credit: Beautifully Brown on Facebook

Credit: Beautifully Brown on Facebook

3. The Style and Beauty Doctor

Danielle Gray is a fashion and beauty consultant. She started giving advice on AOL message boards, until 2007 when she started The Style and Beauty Doctor.

In addition to editing and maintaining her blog, Gray is a freelance fashion and beauty writer. Her articles have appeared on and

What is it about makeup tutorials that are so addicting? I watched most of the videos in her #TSABDedit series. I just started using a makeup brush to apply my foundation. Her video reviews of foundation taught me a lot on how to use a brush to apply my foundation.

Gray also covers fashion. Her outfit ideas are have inspired this jeans gal to give skirts a second thought.

Follow @stylenbeautydoc on Instagram.


Credit: Style and Beauty Doctor on Facebook

4. Blushing Noir

Brooke is part-time PRO Artist with Pür Cosmetics and full-time beauty product blogger. She lives in Pennsylania with her family.

Face masks — and more specifically binge masking — are a big trend right now. Brooke shares how she binges. Pantone announced it’s ‘color of the year’. How to Wear an Ugly Color will help if you want to wear it in real life.

The one post that really spoke to me from Blushing NoirHow to Look Presentable in the Morning. It’s pretty much my daily routine.

Follow @blushingnoir on Instagram.

blushingnoir blog

Credit: Blushing Noir on Instagram

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