On PR Newswire: Tornadoes in 360 VR, Americans Still Anxious About Election Results, Sea World’s Last Orca

With thousands of press releases published each week, it can be difficult to keep up with everything on PR Newswire for Journalists. Here are some of this week’s most newsworthy releases you might have missed.

The Weather Company Birth of a Tornado

Source: PRNewsfoto/The Weather Company

The Birth of a Tornado from weather.com — Learn More as the Likelihood for Tornadoes Ramps Up during Spring Months

While tornadoes touch down during every month of the year, spring months see the most on average in the United States. With the heightened likelihood of tornadic activity, The Weather Company, an IBM Business, looks to better inform people to help them prepare ahead of time to keep themselves and their families safe during severe weather. This spring, The Weather Channel website weather.com has created a weather explainer showing the anatomy and creation of a tornado. This 360 virtual reality (VR) interaction allows viewers to experience a tornado from the inside while learning how a tornado forms.

Oracle Buys Moat

Oracle announced on April 18 that it signed an agreement to acquire Moat, the fastest-growing digital measurement cloud company. Moat will join Oracle Data Cloud, which uses data and analytics to enhance media for leading marketers and publishers. The combination of Oracle and Moat will connect data to consumer attention for better media experiences and business outcomes. Moat will remain an independent platform within Oracle Data Cloud, providing trusted measurement, analytics, and intelligence to the world’s largest brands including Nestle, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever, and leading publishers such as ESPN, Facebook, NBCUniversal, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Anxiety levels affect men, those with children in the home and even Trump voters

Source: PRNewsfoto/CareDash

New Study Shows Majority of Americans Still Suffer From Election Results Anxiety as President’s 100th Day Draws Near 

Following one of the most controversial presidential elections in history and a “First 100 Days” marked by contentious executive orders, travel bans, military strikes, suspicions of foreign election tampering, healthcare debates and threats to our national security, the United States has become a nation on edge, according to a new poll by Radius Global Market Research commissioned by healthcare review site CareDash.com. “Nervous Nation: An Inside Look at America’s Anxiety in the Age of Trump,” a poll of over 2,000 adults aged 18 and older surveyed between March 23-27, 2017, shows more than half of Americans (59%) report being at least somewhat anxious because of the November election results, with nearly three-fourths (71%) of Americans aged 18-44 reporting feeling anxious due to the results.

SeaWorld Shares Video of Last Orca Calf

SeaWorld is excited to announce the birth of the newest member of the SeaWorld family of killer whales. Takara, the 25-year-old matriarch of the orca pod, gave birth to the calf at 2:33 p.m. Central Time, April 19, 2017, at SeaWorld San Antonio.  A team of veterinarians and animal care specialists witnessed the historic birth and are continuing to monitor Takara and her new baby 24-hours-a-day to help ensure a successful start. “Although this is the last killer whale birth at a SeaWorld park, our work to understand and protect this species will continue for decades to come,” said Dr. Hendrik Nollens, Vice President of Veterinary Services for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

Study Paints Somber Picture of U.S. Mental Health Status and Access to Care

More Americans than ever before suffer from serious psychological distress, and the country’s ability to meet the growing demand for mental health services is rapidly eroding. Researchers from NYU Langone Medical Center analyzed a federal health information database and concluded that 3.4% of the U.S. population (more than 8.3 million) adult Americans suffer from serious psychological distress, or SPD. “Based on our data, we estimate that millions of Americans have a level of emotional functioning that leads to lower quality of life and life expectancy,” says lead study investigator Judith Weissman, PhD, JD, a research manager in the Department of Medicine at NYU Langone. “Our study may also help explain why the U.S. suicide rate is up to 43,000 people each year.”

Victorias Secret 2017 What Is Sexy List

Source: PRNewsfoto/Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Reveals The 2017 What Is Sexy? List

Bold, powerful, and confident. These are just a few words to describe the women (and men!) who grace the Victoria’s Secret 2017 What Is Sexy? List. As the authority on what is sexy, Victoria’s Secret has once again compiled its annual picks of the fiercest and most inspiring people in Hollywood, music, and sports who are at the top of their game. Recipients of the list constantly show the ultimate in female strength either by playing a superhero and an FBI agent, or building a fashion and design empire.

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