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Composting Blogs

Maybe you’ve thought about composting or already are a composter. Either way, composting is a great way to reduce landfill waste. If you are a gardener or want to become one, mixing compost into soil can improve its performance.

Here’s a look at four blogs that any aspiring or experienced composter would love to read.

1. The Compost Bin

As a self-described Compostwoman, and Master Composter, this blogger lives in Herefordshire, England on 4 acres of land. She and her family grow much of their own food, and make a lot of compost.

Why Compostwoman? Why call it The Compost Bin?, Organic gardening and Hungry Bin and Can O Worms sort out are great posts to help get you started.

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The Compost Bin on Facebook

Credit: The Compost Bin on Facebook

2. The Bootstrap Compost Experience

A residential and commercial food scrap pick up service, Bootstrap describes themselves as Greater Boston’s Food Scrap GoGetters. For those who lack the time or space to compost, Bootstrap provides a solution.

I enjoyed reading INTERNal Dialogue: Josh the Intern Visits Farm, Talks Compost Appreciation and The Wicked Green: Seven Tips to Put Your Black Gold to Good Use.

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@bootstrapcompost on Instagram

Credit: @bootstrapcompost on Instagram

3. Portland Edible Gardens

If you’ve thought about gardening, but need assistance in learning how, Portland Edible Gardens wants to help. It believes that growing your own food is about more than just food.

Enjoyable posts include Compost: The Perfect Amendment, Preparing Your Soil For Planting Vegetables and Making A Seasonal Plan For Your Edible Garden.

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Portand Edible Gardens on Instagram

Credit: @pdxediblegardens on Instagram

4. Compost Winnepeg

A social enterprise of Green Action Centre, a non-profit organization, Compost Winnepeg offers a practical green solution to reducing waste in Winnepeg.

I enjoyed Waste Reduction Week Finds Unexpected Hero in Shopping Mall and Compost Awareness Week Launch May 7.

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