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Fishing Blogs We Love

Growing up in northeast Ohio, fishing was a big part of our childhood.

My experience fishing consists of baiting a hook and dropping a line into the lake.

After reading these experts, I know I have a lot more to learn.

1. Saltwater Experience Fishing Blog

If you are looking for advice and how-tos for saltwater fishing, this is the place. The Saltwater Experience blog is a companion to the TV show of the same name.

Topics range from the best rods and reels to Q&A with blog contributor and show host Tom Rowland.

If you are a fan or considering saltwater fishing check out: Best Flying Fish Footage Ever and Best Rods On Earth.

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 Saltwater Experience Fishing Blog

Credit: @saltwater_experience on Instagram

2. She Loves to Fish

Ashley Rae began sharing her fishing adventures throughout southeastern Ontario in 2009. Since starting her blog, her writing has expanded to include columnist and freelance writer.

Rae also presents at sports shows and events sharing her fishing know-how.

I recommend reading Tips on Introducing Newcomers To Fishing and A Porker of a Personal Best!

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3. Vagabond Fly

Colin Campbell and Pieter Taljaard are the professional fishermen behind Vagabond Fly. They cover gear reviews as well as the best places in the world to cast your line.

This is not just fishing, this is a lifestyle and they capture the beauty of the sport in stunning detail.

A guided walk on the middle Umgeni and Featured Destination: Villa Maria Lodge, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina will transport you to the open waters with them.

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Vagabond Fly Blog on Instagram

Credit: @vagabondfly on Instagram

4. Mystery Tackle Box

Subscription boxes are popular. And, the fishing world is no stranger to this fun way to try out new products.

Mystery Tackle Box offers subscribers an affordable way to sample different fishing products each month. The blog, The Lodge, offers everyone tips and tricks, fishing news, and information on what should be in your tackle box.

Check out 10 Things You Need To Know About The Umbrella Rig and How To Pack A Fishing Vest When Heading Out On The Water before your first or next fishing trip.

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