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Nutrition Blogs

After 5+ years of training, my best friend and housemate, Shelby, recently passed her dietetics exam. She is now a registered dietitian.

As the house nutrition expert, she’s spent countless hours figuring out how to find meals that cater to a vegetarian (our other housemate) and a person with a soy and nut allergy (that’s me!).

Her recent achievement most likely means that eating ramen and Cheez-Its for dinner will no longer be a thing.

In celebration, I’ve picked out some nutrition blogs (with some professional help from Shelby).

1. Food and Nutrition Solutions by Jill

Jill Weisenberg is a registered dietitian and wellness coach, who’s been helping people get in control of their nutrition for over two decades. She’s a published author and offers regular counseling for diseases like diabetes.

She’s also Shelby’s favorite nutrition blogger.

I particularly like her blog because she makes an effort to dispel myths, all the while providing particularly tasty recipes.

Check out some of her posts here: Sugar is Toxic. True or False?, Tips to Make Healthy Delicious

Follow @nutritionjill on Twitter.

2. American Society for Nutrition Blog

This is the nation’s leading organization for dietitians, nutrition researchers, and those who may be offering counseling in the field of nutrition.

Their mission (in a brief and highly condensed sentence) is to extend and improve knowledge about nutrition and its related fields.

The blog provides nutritional education and highlights changes in state or government policy that impact our individual nutrition everyday.

Some posts I found relevant are: The Future of the National School Lunch Program, Instagram: The New Frontier For Weight Loss?

Follow @nutritionorg on Twitter.

3. Veggie Quest

Lee Crosby’s take on nutrition is a little more intense, but is well-suited for vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

She started maintaining a plant-based diet in 2010, after a breast cancer scare, and hasn’t looked back. Her blog offers recipes and helpful tips that are all well researched and have a strong scientific basis.

Crosby also brought my attention to a cookbook that overcomes the struggle of maintaining an allergy-free, vegetarian household (which feels next to impossible). The hype is strong there.

Some articles that I found helpful: 7 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating, Could You Eat Healthy & Vegan for $3.80 a Day? I Did, and Here’s What Happened…

Follow @veggie_quest on Twitter.

4. Sound Bites RD

I saved Sound Bites for last. It has a blog portion, but it’s better known for its monthly podcast.

Melissa Joy Dobbins, a clinical nutritionist and media spokesperson, is the head of this site. Like Wiesenberg, Dobbins has years of dietetics experience under her belt and will often bring other dietitians onto her podcast to provide commentary about their areas of expertise.

She has coined the term Guilt-Free RD because she believes people should make the decision about what they eat through facts, not fear.

Here’s one blog post and one podcast that I found interesting: Answers on Antibiotics – An Interview with Dr. Leah Dorman, Podcast Episode 068: Peanut Allergy Prevention – Sherry Coleman Collins

Follow @MelissaJoyRD on Twitter.

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