Blog Profiles: Running Blogs, Part 2

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running blogs we love, part 2

Running is a way of life for many.

Road races have been rising in popularity lately. They help runners stay active, without having too much impact on a busy lifestyle.

Running can provide stress relief, help maintain a healthy weight, and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Last month, I explored some running blogs. Runners really like to write about running, so here’s some more running blogs for your reading pleasure.

1. Kristina Running

Kristina is a nine-time half marathon runner. She has one full marathon under her belt, and wants to run a 50-miler one day.

She also has a really cute cat named Cecil.

I recommend reading Not Feeling Like A Zombie, The Color Run Recap, and Strength Training For Beginner Runners.

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Kristina Running blog

Credit: @kristinarunning on Instagram

2. TeenRunner

Ellen hopes to one day make the Great Britain Olympic team. She shares her struggles with an injury and regularly features guest bloggers.

Check out: Coming Back From Injury: Training Thoughts And Advice, Week In Training: Back to Basics and Girls Active: 3 Challenges For The Summer.

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Teen Runner Blog

Credit: @teenrunnerblog on Instagram

3. Run, Selfie, Repeat

Kelly Roberts didn’t always love running. “I spent most of my life finding ways to avoid physical activity,” she says on her site. But, after her brother passed away unexpectedly, she struggled with weight gain due to stress.

Running became a way to move forward.

I enjoyed reading The Future Is Strong, Do Not Give Up: The Transformative Power Of Running, and Project 1:59: We’re Breaking 2 .

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Run, Selfie, Repeat blog

Credit: @kellykkroberts on Instagram

4. Hungry Runner Girl

Janae loves running. She was a high school health and PE teacher, and decided to sign up for a marathon.

Nine full marathons and many half marathons later, she is still running.

St. George Marathon 2016 RECAP!!!, AF Canyon Run Against Cancer RACE RECAP + NEW RUNNING SONGS!!, and 3 set running workout for you to try***Heart Rate Training****Sushi wins at life are all great posts.

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Hungry Runner Girl Blog

Credit: @hungryrunnergirl on Instagram

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