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Running Blogs We Love -

Exercising is crucial to maintain your physical and mental health during the COVID-19 lockdown. A strenuous exercise like running releases endorphins that can make you feel a euphoria called the runner’s high.

According to PodiumRunner, running has several benefits, including improving your immunity, adding years to your life, helping you sleep better, and improving your mental health.

While running provides benefits, you also must remember that we’re living during a pandemic, so for some, running outside isn’t possible and it’s recommended that you avoid groups, don’t run with others, and keep a distance of at least 6 feet between you and other runners.

Whether you’re able to run outside or stuck exercising indoors, these four running blogs will inspire you to explore the running community on many different levels.

If you want even more running content, check out our roundup from 2021 for several more standout running blogs.

1. MapMyRun

MapMyRun is an excellent beginner’s running app and blog with plenty of informative posts to get you started on tracking your distance and running pace. If you’re running around neighborhoods, chances are you have no idea how far the distance is unless you have a tracking device.

MapMyRun is a supportive online running community that keeps readers informed on how runners are handling stay at home orders and the effects of social distancing.

Posts to help runners during lockdown: Doctor-Backed Do’s and Don’ts on Social Distancing For Runners; 10 Coaches and Trainers on How Quarantine Improved Their Running; and How to Run Outside (and Other COVID-Related Questions).

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2. Ali on the Run

Calling all podcast lovers! The Ali on the Run Show is great for anyone who wants to learn more about accomplished professional runners ‘on the run.’ Ali is a freelance writer, blogger, and runner with a unique point of view, as she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as a child.

Hear what Ali and some professional runners have to say about their quarantine situations and what they’re doing in response with this inspirational podcast blog for runners.

Podcasts I enjoyed listening to: Ali on the Run Show Episode 232: Ramblings on the Run with Ali & Matt; Ali on the Run Show Episode 224: Catching Up with Emma Coburn; and Ali on the Run Show Episode 210: Elle Purrier, Indoor Mile American Record Holder.

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Running Blogs We Love - @aliontherun1 on Instagram

Credit: @aliontherun1 on Instagram

3. RunToTheFinish

Created by Amanda Brooks, RunToTheFinish is another supportive online community to help runners stay connected. Brooks offers running tips like what to eat, how to avoid bad weather, and the benefits of trying new techniques. She’s highly qualified to give advice as a certified personal trainer and running coach.

Learn more about what it takes to get to the finish line while still enjoying running for the beneficial sport it is.

Posts to help: 20 Healthy Salads Ideas for Lunch | Easy At Home Recipes; Bad Weather Running: Tips and A Hilarious Look at Our Badassery; and 9 Powerful Benefits of Running Alone.

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Running Blogs We Love - @runtothefinish on Instagram

Credit: @runtothefinish on Instagram

4. Road Runner Sports

As the “world’s largest walking and running store,” Road Runner Sports has the capacity to provide hundreds of running articles and resources for readers to absorb.

This blog covers numerous running topics like shoes and gear, training, health, injury rehab and prevention, and running news.

Trending posts: How to Achieve the Ultimate Runner’s High; “Running Outside May Be the Last Activity to Go”: Running in the Time of the Coronavirus; and The 7 Best YouTube Workouts for Runners.

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Running Blogs We Love - @roadrunnersports on Instagram

Credit: @roadrunnersports on Instagram

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