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Aquarium Blogs

Last week, my dad (very excitedly) informed me that he had cleaned out two tanks and was going to start a saltwater and a coral tank.

Growing up, my father gifted my mother a saltwater aquarium. She had a number of fish in it, including a blue hippo tang, a clown fish, a banded shrimp, and a yellow tang (who was lovingly referred to as “Smiley”).

During this period, my father and I would visit our local aquarium shop on the weekends. I desperately wanted koi, but my dad wasn’t really loving the idea of giving a four-year-old some giant fish.

Here are four aquarium blogs I’m following.

1. Mad Hatter’s Reef

Founder of this blog Jeff Hesketh offers plenty of advice for the beginner aquarist. Hesketh has been keeping saltwater aquariums for eight years, and currently manages more than 1,000 gallons of saltwater tanks.

This blog features ample instructional videos on equipment, DIY care, and quick fixes that are easy to access and helpful for anyone who learns visually.

Some posts that stood out to me were: Culturing Phytoplankton, How to Build a Quarantine Tank System

Follow @madhatterreef on Twitter.

2. Saltwater Smarts (now Reef Builders)

They have a pun name, so that’s always a plus in my book.

Saltwater Smarts was founded by two long-time aquarists, who have more than 30 years of experience between them. The blog is dedicated to helping other saltwater enthusiasts find a reliable source of knowledge for the technical aspects of keeping a saltwater tank.

Some posts I found interesting were: An Introduction to Protein Skimming, Sponges, Sponges Everywhere!

Follow @saltwatersmarts on Twitter.

3. Advanced Aquarist

If you ever wanted to learn the latest in aquarium news, this is the place to go to. The Advanced Aquarist is a monthly online publication all about aquariums.

The blog portion of this website features everything from breaking, hard-hitting news to interesting information about the oddities of fishlife.

Here are some good posts: Scientists name new species of fish from the Orinoco region after singer Enya, Clownfish eggs are adorable

Follow @aaolm on Twitter.

4. My Aquarium Club

My Aquarium Club differs from the other blogs on this list. Rather than being founded or run by a single person, it’s more of a community run by a collective of moderators, experts and volunteers.

They pride themselves on being able to quickly resolve any questions a reader might have, and the entire site is archived and easily searchable. The blog also features a number of posters, blogging about anything from images found to new aquariums. It also has a pretty active comment section.

I liked these posts about Aquaponics, in particular: Aquaponics For Apartments, Back To The Roots Water Garden Review (and A Question For You) – Aquaponics

Follow @myaquaclb on Twitter.

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