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Whiskey Blogs We Love

A few weeks ago, a friend and former co-worker married her dream guy.

Her new husband loves whiskey — just like mine.

When our guys first met, they bonded over their shared love of bourbon, with quick admiration for each other’s (extensive) collections.

In honor of our friends’ recent nuptials, here are four whiskey blogs we’re enjoying in celebration.

1. Bourbon Guy 

Eric Burke is the Bourbon Guy. He’s originally from Wisconsin, but now hails from nearby Minnesota. His first love was beer.

After a failed attempt at securing beer on a Sunday, Burke decided to turn his attention to his liquor cabinet.

“Five years later, I’m still digging, still tasting and still learning. The bourbon landscape has changed, but the passion of its fans has not. Maybe we can learn something together,” he says, on his site.

I enjoyed his post Revisiting an Old Review: Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bottled in Bond, about how he’s grown to like “high-proof, high-heat bourbons.” His first review of the same bonded bourbon was not so stellar. Like Burke, my husband also bought this one for the (old) bottle design, but it’s become a top five staple in our at-home bar.

I also liked this review of the Mr. Boston Drinks website. (Bookmarking this site right now).

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Eric Burke, Bourbon Guy

Credit: @arok on Instagram

2. The Whisky Lady

The Whisky Lady is Anne-Sophie Bigot, a “keen whisky enthusiast and French blogger searching for malted news, trends and experiences.”

Her mission is to “remove the dusty cliché that whisky is only an old man’s drink,” she says, on the blog.

I loved reading Story time: opening my whisky bar from scratch. This post goes in-depth on her and her partner’s journey to open Hopscotch Pub, from the initial idea to the actual opening.

10 rules to make the most out of a whisky festival also is a must-read. These tips are critical for ultimate enjoyment … and survival.

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The Whiskey Lady

Credit: @thewhiskylady on Instagram

3. The Whiskey Wash

The Whiskey Wash is a blog by an extensive team of writers, reviewers, and managers. It was founded by Nino Marchetti — a writer and journalist by trade.

“What started as a hobby blog has grown to become an award-winning website with hundreds of thousands of readers,” says the site. “We offer everything you need to get the most out of the world’s greatest spirit, from breaking news and product reviews to in-depth reporting on the most important stories in the world of whiskey.”

So many posts here caught my eye. The Great American Whiskey Road Trip is one example. My husband and I tackled part of this list earlier this year (Nashville and Louisville), where we experienced our first legit mint julep.

Also, if whiskey isn’t your thing, but wine is, try this post: Whiskey for Wine Drinkers.

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The Whiskey Wash

Credit: @whiskeywash on Instagram

4. Whisky Flavour’s Blog

Whisky Flavour is a subscription box company that aims to “fulfil your curiosity (and enrich your repertoire)” around whiskey. Its blog covers everything from individual reviews to tips for buying and consuming the beverage. 

If you’re not yet convinced to indulge in a glass, here are 5 Reasons to Drink Whisky. Ahem, it relaxes and can help fight colds and flu. What more reason do you need?

But, before you make your first purchase, be sure to read this post in full: Important things to know, if you wanna buy whiskey.

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Whisky Flavour

Credit: whiskyflavour on Instagram

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