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Cryptozoology Blogs

A couple weeks ago, I tried to convince my housemates to take a trip to West Virginia.

There’s a tribute there to the Mothman — a creature that struck fear into the hearts of those living in and visiting the Point Pleasant area.

They didn’t express interest at first, but I think they’ll come around.

In light of Halloween and my ever-growing need to visit the Mothman Statue, I’ve scrounged up some of the best cryptozoology blogs I could find.

1. Cryptomundo

Cryptomundo consists of a community of cryptozoologists. Because of its many contributors, the content is always varied and interesting.

They feature many well-known cryptozoologists who’ve made a name for themselves with their research and insider knowledge. In short, if you want to know when the next cryptozoology event is coming up, this is the place to go.

The tag feature makes it really easy to search through the site’s articles, so finding anything and everything Megalodons is pretty simple.

Some articles to check out: Is the Ozenkadnook tiger a Cardboard Cryptid?, The Mothman of Point Pleasant Film Premieres at Mothman Festival Event

Follow @cryptomundo_inc on Twitter.

2.Cryptid Chronicles

Cryptid Chronicles is a smaller Tumblr blog run by Sydney Colvin — an amateur researcher that considers herself a cryptonaturalist (a person out to study the creatures, rather than provide evidence of their existence).

It acts more like an aggregation service than a blog. However, a lot of the articles posted to the blog are really interesting.

Many posts focus on sightings of extinct or newly discovered animals, which I find to be a really interesting side of cryptozoology. The site also hosts a lot of community building activities.

Check out these posts: New population of rare cat species discovered, ‘It was looking right at us’: Dozens of Yowie Claims on the South Coast

Follow @cryptidfans on Twitter.

3. Linda Godfrey’s Blog

Linda Godfrey is a cryptid investigator and the author of several books (17 to be exact). She makes public appearances and is a regular attendee of events and conventions related to cryptozoology.

I particularly love Godfrey’s blog because everything is so descriptive, and her posts read like stories. She has a pretty wide selection of content on her site — all of which are very personable and fun to read — from debunking hoaxes and chronicling her journeys to reviewing books.

I loved these posts: Maine Woman’s Childhood Life with Bigfoot, The Alleged Sewer Werewolves of Minot

Follow @lindasgodfrey on Twitter.

4. ShukerNature

Karl Shuker is a renowned zoologist and founder of the Journal of Cryptozoology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal that promotes intelligent community discussion regarding cryptozoology.

He posts everything from musings on possible cryptids to debunks of altered images and videos.

You can also find some of his articles on Cryptomundo, as he cross-posts to the site occasionally.

Some articles I particuarly like: The Jaws of Megalodon – Shark of Nightmare…and Reality?, A Lying Lion and an Anaconda Con – Exposing Some More Fake Animal Photos Online 

Follow @karlshuker on Twitter.

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