Newsroom gifts! Forget someone on your list? Here are some ideas for journalists and bloggers.

Holiday Gift Guide

What do journalists and bloggers really want for the holidays?

Aside from some much-needed downtime, a magically clear inbox – and a break from all the talk of fake news – they may be dreaming of some of the latest gadgets to up their storytelling game in the new year.

So for you post-holiday shoppers looking for the perfect present, we rounded up some of the top gifts for creatives on your list.

These out-of-the-box ideas could give your favorite journalist or blogger the boost they need to start 2018 on a high note.

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1. For the live-streaming addict.

Live streaming is growing fast. For journalists and bloggers, it’s an opportunity to engage viewers in an affordable way that also helps build trust. 

But the challenge remains that cheap video can look, well, cheap. So, arm your live streamer with the tools to look like a pro.

A great microphone, a phone tripod, and are a given.

You could also gift next-level lighting with this unique ring light. The professional-quality fluorescent light provides ideal light for close-up work, and it has a dimming feature. Concerned about space? There’s a mini desk version, too.

2. For the defenders of a free press.

The media has never been talked about so much in the media — by the government and by regular people — across the globe. For the responsible journalist working hard to inform the public and keep leaders accountable, the questions of media legitimacy hit a nerve.

Thank your staunch supporter of the First Amendment by endorsing their fight. Consider these timely t-shirts by The Washington Post, The New York TimesLos Angeles Times, and The Anniston Star. And posters by The Atlantic and (again) The Washington Post.

There’s also this ‘Fake News! Sad!’ featured by The Lily that, according to the article, was designed to “celebrate those who dedicate their lives to revealing the truth.”

Bonus: Most of these gifts help support quality journalism.

3. For the side hustler-turned-full-time blogger.

One of the biggest eye-openers in the journey from side hustler to full-time entrepreneur is the actual business of it all.

Help your blogging buddy on their journey to independence by making the work a bit easier.

Tools like The Content Planner and PicMonkey can help make blog management feel a bit breezier.

For those invested in getting it right, gift a course (like Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing or Elite Blog Academy) that teaches actionable tips for generating income.

If the money is already there, make sure they have the right income spreadsheet and legal forms to protect their business.

4. For the stories teller. 

Some people just rule at Instagram and Snapchat stories. But it takes work to deliver clean, beautiful photos and video on platforms meant for in-the-moment sharing.

Help your stories teller hack the system and stand out from the crowd of talented influencers.

This LuMee Duo phone case was developed with the help of a professional photographer. The case gives off warm, natural light at both front and back — giving the vibe and control of studio-quality lighting.

A mini lens kit can help on-the-go mobile photographers take an array of shots that combine easily with apps for instant sharing.

For those who like to handwrite text over their images, try a digital pen like this stylus or the Apple Pencil as a present. It’s a bit smoother than the average pointer finger.

Journalists and Blogger Gift Guide

5. For the idea machine.

There’s nothing worse than having a great idea and trusting your memory to work for you, only to be failed by it later.

Make it easier for your idea machine to keep track of all their brilliance.

This Augmented Paper Digital Note Transfer Set revolutionizes note-taking. Any ideas put to paper are easily converted to mobile device, with the push of a button. This smart pen by Moleskine also allows users to digitize their notes and ideas, but at a friendlier price point.

For those more old school, this pocket recorder is all they need for preserving thoughts on the go.

If ideas tend to strike them during their morning routine, this shower notepad could be a game changer.

6. For the photographic artist.

Where photographers and videographers once used to be their own separate entities, today the two roles are becoming one.

Give your photographer the tools to add video to their repertoire and keep them marketable.

A newer camera, like the Nikon D7500, is the gateway DSLR your photographer needs for filmmaking. It allows the user to capture top-tier imagery, while getting acquainted with 4K video. 

To get started with 360-degree video, this handy Insta360 Nano VR Camera is a tiny, but mighty addition to their iPhone.

For photographers who really just want to hone their current skill set, it doesn’t get much better than getting a seat in the Masterclass with Annie Leibovitz.

7. For the literary geek.

Not every journalist or writer cares about the latest technology. Some just have a strong love of craft.

Help them put that love on display with gifts they can use and showcase daily.

If your writer prides themselves on being well-read, this gorgeous scratch-off chart of 100 classic novels will make a great gift.

This tote bag displaying once-banned book titles will help your literary geek celebrate the written word in style. There are socks in this design, too.

And for the festive writer enjoying holiday cocktail season, these literary rock glasses will make imbibing feel much smarter.

8. For the budding journalist. 

Some people are born to write — but that doesn’t mean training isn’t required.

A Masterclass with Bob Woodward is the gift of a lifetime for any penmen with investigative tendencies. For the aspiring author, a seat in Judy Blume’s first online class can help turn experiences into timeless stories people will treasure.

For writers in need of a confidence boost, Jeff Goins’s book You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) offers practical steps for tackling self-doubt. Similary, The Writer’s Toolbox includes an array of creative games to help inspire.

Once ready to write, these noise canceling headphones or this internet and app blocker can help your budding journalist master the art of concentration (and perhaps ward off writer’s block, too).

Happy gifting!

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Anna Jasinski is senior manager of audience relations at PR Newswire and former magazine journalist. Follow her on Twitter at @annamjasinski and @BeyondBylines.

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