Blog Profiles: Holiday Decorating Blogs

Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. If you’re still in the festive spirit, check out these holiday decorating blogs. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet our writers at @BeyondBylines.

Holiday Decorating Blogs

I always associate the holiday season with way too much decorating.

This year, we lost spectacularly at a holiday door decorating contest. But it was still a lot of fun.

My family also began a tradition of venturing to 34th Street in Baltimore to stare at all the decorated houses.

For our final Blog Profiles of the year, I thought I’d showcase some decorating blogs. Everyone has their own take on holiday decorations, and now’s a great time to stock up on décor for next year.

1. Hi Sugarplum!

To be honest, the number one reason I put this blog on the list is because of blogger Cassie’s super adorable dogs. Her holiday decorating is amazing, but her dogs take the cake.

Cassie runs more of a lifestyle blog — covering everything from fashion and travel to snippets of her personal life. From what I’ve seen, though, her decorating skills are top-notch.

I particularly like the layout of her living space featured at the top of her FAQ page. She also has posts organized for every room of the house, which I particularly enjoy.

You can look at her holiday posts (featuring very cute dogs) here: Sugarplum Christmas | 2017 Home Tour, Our (Budget-Friendly) Thanksgiving Table.

Follow @hisugarplum on Twitter.

Hi Sugarplum

Credit: @cassiesugarplum on Instagram

2. Thrifty Décor Chick

Sarah started her blog in 2008, with the goal of teaching people how to create a beautiful living space on a budget. She once faced $125,000 in debt, so she knows what it means to tighten the purse strings.

“Creativity has always been in my blood — my family is full of artistic talents, builders and writers,” says Sarah, on her site. “I first dreamed of being an interior designer when I was 13 years old.”

I really enjoy how much greenery plays a part in her decorating. In her home pictures, you can find plants in every single part of the house. As a person who can barely keep one plant alive, I’m in awe.

Check out her blog posts for the holidays: A tour of our (new!) Christmas home and How to create a pretty, simple holiday display (for cheap!)

Follow @thriftydecor on Twitter.

Thrifty Decor Chick

Credit: @thriftydecorchick on Instagram

3. Just a Girl and Her Blog

As a person with memory issues who lives in total disorganization, this blog is a treat for me.

Abby created her blog in 2013. She emphasizes maintaining productivity and practicality in everything.

She has just what you need to get organized — from 2018 budget binders to a gift-giving checklist. Her décor follows the same pattern of being organized and productive, which, again, is very helpful for someone who lives pretty haphazardly.

Some of Abby’s holiday reads: Seasonal Simplicity Christmas Home Tour and Best Christmas Gifts for Decor Lovers!

She also has a YouTube channel you can follow if you’re more of a visual learner (or if you don’t quite have the time to read blog posts).

Follow @JustAGirlAbby on Twitter.

Just a girl and her blog

Credit: @justagirl_abby on Instagram

4. The Inspired Room

I recognized Melissa Michaels’ name from The Inspired Room coloring book.

She started her blog 10 years ago. It quickly gained fame and notoriety, rising to be one of the top decorating blogs on the internet.

I also noticed two adorable, fluffy dogs on her site, so how could I not include it?

An old post about a stairway gallery (link below) got my attention, too. I’m a big proponent of nautical theming; I have anchor and ship tattoos. So, when I saw a ship-themed stairway, I got really excited.

Here’s her holiday tour and her stairway gallery post: Christmas House Tour 2017, Stairway Gallery Wall {Mixing it Up}

Follow @theinspiredroom on Twitter.

The Inspired Room

Credit: @theinspiredroom on Instagram

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